enterprise resource planning and business process reengineering pdf

Enterprise Resource Planning And Business Process Reengineering Pdf

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Literature Review 2. ERP Model 2.

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Business process integration and automation have gained popularity among business community, in the recent past. This paper presents a framework for integrating applications and workflows within an ERP system environment. The framework is based on enhanced Eventdriven Process Chain EPC methodology, incorporating unitary structure-based models for business process applications and workflows. The proposed framework is illustrated using individual models for sales order process and quotation approval workflow and integrated model of sales order with the quotation approval workflow. The proposed framework eliminates need for separate execution of business processes normal transactions and workflows involved in many process cycles within an ERP system. It also simplifies the implementation of both applications and workflows using a single implementation cycle.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Cheng and Y. Cheng , Y. Wang Published BPR has long been widely recognized as a required precedent step as well as a critical successful factor for the implementation of ERP systems. The benefits brought by the quality of implementing BPR will drive major cost savings and operational efficiencies and increase the speed and quality of production.

Business process re-engineering BPR is a business management strategy , originally pioneered in the early s, focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organization. BPR aimed to help organizations fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to improve customer service , cut operational costs , and become world-class competitors. BPR seeks to help companies radically restructure their organizations by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes. Davenport , a business process is a set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a defined business outcome. Re-engineering emphasized a holistic focus on business objectives and how processes related to them, encouraging full-scale recreation of processes rather than iterative optimization of sub-processes.

Enterprise resource planning in reengineering business

Abstract: Information system failures and cost overruns have plagued organizations for decades. In order to take full advantage of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP systems, implementations require drastic structural and cultural changes within the organization including business process reevaluation and reengineering. These changes are difficult to accomplish and organizations continue to struggle with change management of ERP systems. Stakeholder involvement and perceptions regarding the ERP system change over time. Understanding evolving perceptions may lead to improved long-term ERP system management and reduced costs.

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Highlights the need for business process reengineering and impact of IT on enterprises. Presents in detail the evolution, modules, verticals, model, management concerns and network infrastructure, selection of software packages and enterprise preparedness for implementation of enterprise resource planning. Briefly describes the key features of popular ERP packages, viz. Edwards, Marshal R and PeopleSoft.

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