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75 Unique Tanzanian Baby Names With Their Meanings

Are you looking for a quirky name for your new arrival? Then you may consider giving your baby a Tanzanian name. Tanzania, a country located on the east coast of Africa, is a beautiful place with friendly people and a fascinating culture. Modern parents, on the other hand, select classic, Biblical, or Christian names for their children. Here is our collection of 75 Tanzanian baby names for you. Read on and find out what these lovely names mean!

Aadila, the feminine form of Aadil, is a modern choice. Since each child is unique, they deserve a name that is unique. This old fashioned, yet trendy name has the potential to be popular all over the world. We totally love this short and sweet baby girl name. Busara is a pure and simple name that is not overused. So it will make a stylish choice for your darling daughter. Greek origin name Catherine has so much poise and grace that you just cannot go wrong with it.

The plethora of short forms of Catherine adds a further charm and flexibility to this moniker. Editha may sound as a soft and polite name, but it has a bold meaning. Charming, yet different, Fadhila would make a gorgeous and unconventional name for your baby girl.

Just remember that the correct pronunciation of Fadhila is Fa-zeel-La. A pleasant sounding name, Firyali is a Swahili name that is up for grabs. One of its common spelling variations is Fareeda. As hard as it may be to believe, Gladness is one of the top baby girl names in Tanzania. At least you get the option of using Gladys as the nickname. We think Glory sounds a lot more appealing and exciting than its variation Gloria. The patriotic and religious flavor makes it favorable for traditional parents.

This pleasing English vocabulary word Grace is the most popular tanzanian name for girls. Imani is a sleek and elegant name that carries a beautiful meaning. Imani is also one of the royal names of Tanzania, which means that this name will give you and your daughter the regal feel.

And it has started showing signs of revival in Tanzania already. Joyce was once a boy name, but it took off for the ladies in the mid 20th century.

It will have your little one soaring to greater heights. This spelling variation of Layla experienced a brief decline a few years ago, but it has recovered now. This classic and rich name is an excellent option for parents who wish to honor an ancestor named Margaret. Mansa is one of the most attractive and fastest rising Tanzanian names. The best thing about this name is that it has famous namesakes in almost every field from sports to art to royalty.

It might surprise a few of our readers that English name Mary originated via the Latin name Maria. This offbeat name with Swahili origins is the third most popular name in Tanzania.

The elegance and resemblance to the name Nora makes it highly possible for a crossover. Saida, with its appealing Tanzanian accent, will make a rich choice for your baby. The happiness and joy parents feel when their little one is born, can never be described in words.

Punctuality is a trait that is rarely visible these days. Traditional Tanzanian parents often select the name Tumpe to thank the Almighty for his gift in the form of a baby girl. We love this pet form of Winifred for its vintage charm. It has a winning vibe, which makes it even more enchanting.

Zahra is one of the most appealing Tanzanian baby girl names. According to us, it sounds melodious. Zuwena is a mighty Tanzanian name that most parents use for their children. Abasi is an uncommon alternative to Abbas. It projects a shiny and lively image.

We must say this Swahili origin name has fans all over the world. A boy with this name will develop strong work ethics right from toddlerhood. Ambokile is catchy, fashion forward, and totally adorable. For the nickname, you can opt for the super adorable, and boyish, Andy. Baraka is technically a female name, but is used for boys largely because of its masculine feel, and its association with Barack, which is one major rise.

It had faded in popularity, but has now revived in full glory. Erevu is a classic name, with many Tanzanian parents going for it. Eric, one of the most popular Old Norse boy names, reigns supreme in Tanzania too. We personally love how exotic this name sounds. Ibada is one of the most famous Tanzanian baby boy names in history. The name has several bearers in Tanzania and othewhat does Vinza name meanr adjoining regions. So for parents looking for a graceful baby name for their boy, Ipyana would make a winsome option.

A non-pretentious and aristocratic name, James never really sounds outdated. Here is an impressive name for your handsome son — Jamil. Another perennial favorite among Tanzanian parents, John never really left the top 20 spot and is currently the third most used baby boy names in Tanzania.

While much of its popularity can be attributed to its Biblical connection, its staying power in the modern times is solely because of its flexibility and timelessness. Kafil is the second most popular boy name in Tanzania. This cute, two syllable baby boy name proves that names do not have to be excessively long to pack a punch. Kami is basically the name of an east Tanzanian group.

This ageless and timeless name never seems to sound old fashioned. And this is the main reason why Michael has always been on the top 50 baby boy name list. It sounds, zippy, fresh, and might just turn your child into a nature-loving man. Nen is an Egyptian name with a fascinating meaning — ancient waters. Along with an interesting meaning, Nen also has an aura of masculine panache surrounding it.

With the rise of pessimism, optimism is fleeting among the current generation. One such name is Nikusubila. You also get the option to shorten it to adorable Niku. One of its most famous bearer is Rashid Kawawa, the vice president of Tanzania in the s. Tanzanians use this name rarely, so it will make a unique choice for your baby. Vinza is originally the name of a Tanzanian group or tribe with its distinct culture, customs, and traditions.

But it sounds so cool and sassy that it could definitely be considered as a given name for your baby boy. We think it will make a great option if you like William. Just like Vinza, even Zaramo is the name of a Tanzanian group that has its own distinct culture. It can be considered if you want a Tanzanian name rooted deeply in its culture. Pronunciations matter a lot to Tanzanians. A misplaced syllable can affect the meaning of a name. So look up the pronunciation before you give the name a go!

Were you able to choose your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below. You could also drop in suggestions if you come across another name.

Given name

Traditional African names often have unique stories behind them. From the day or time a baby is born to the circumstances surrounding the birth, several factors influence the names parents choose for their children. Whichever ethnic group you look at, these local names reveal a wealth of information about the bearer. Among several ethnic groups, picking out names can be influenced by positive or negative circumstances the family finds themselves in around the time a child is born. Some names, especially in Zimbabwe, reflect the mood or circumstance of the family at the time of birth.

Subject Names, Naming, Black Names. Coverage Kentucky. Unusual names, as collected by Newbell Niles Puckett. Afro-American or Negro : correlation between name preference and socio-political perspective thesis. The Greater Milwaukee star newspaper. A genealogist's guide to discovering your African-American ancestors : how to find and record your unique heritage.

PDF | This paper analyses proper names in Yoruba culture and the names mean to the Yoruba people and what names reveal about the.

Africa's naming traditions: Nine ways to name your child

Are you looking for a quirky name for your new arrival? Then you may consider giving your baby a Tanzanian name. Tanzania, a country located on the east coast of Africa, is a beautiful place with friendly people and a fascinating culture. Modern parents, on the other hand, select classic, Biblical, or Christian names for their children. Here is our collection of 75 Tanzanian baby names for you.

PDF Formatted 8. The African Book of Names. However, Alkebulan is the most common one. It consists of an introduction, the top twelve list, the top hundred list, and a selection of Web resources. Having knowledge of African names will also help in commu-nicating with African authors and editors.

The African Book of Names. This book covers African states from independence to the present in a fairly straightforward narrative. Discover the beauty, origins and meanings of African names with the author of The African Book of Names. My library In G. Knibb of the Ethiopian text in the S.

60 Best Swahili Baby Names for Boys and Girls

It is often translated as "I am because we are", or "humanity towards others", or in Zulu "umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" or in Xhosa, "umntu ngumntu ngabantu" but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity". The term "bantu" itself is related to "ubuntu". Over years ago, the people [ vague ] of Africa developed a collective meaning for life to describe the kind of relationship an individual person is expected to have with their family, community, society, environment and their spiritual world. As the Africans migrated mostly from the west part of the continent to the east, central and south, and beyond the continent, they carried with them this meaning to life. As they traveled, they developed new languages and subcultures, and in the process they came up with specific names for this collective meaning. Although the most popular name today is Ubuntu Zulu language , South Africa , it has several other names. It is also found in other Bantu countries not mentioned here.

A given name also known as a first name or forename is the part of a personal name [1] that identifies a person, potentially with a middle name as well, and differentiates that person from the other members of a group typically a family or clan who have a common surname. The term given name refers to a name bestowed at or close to the time of birth, usually by the parents of the newborn. A Christian name is the first name which is given at baptism , in Christian custom. In informal situations, given names are often used in a familiar and friendly manner.

African-American names are an integral part of African-American tradition. While many black Americans use names that are popular with wider American culture , a number of specific naming trends have emerged within African-American culture. Black names are often derived from existing Biblical names , Arabic and Muslim names , French names , and other European names. It is widely held that prior to the s and s, most African-American names closely resembled those used within European-American culture. This applied to both given names and surnames.

Its landmass holds 54 countries and nine territories. Over 1. Africa, and being African, has become a core part of the identity of millions of the continent's inhabitants, but where does this word, to which so many have such an emotional connection, come from? When the Romans conquered Carthage in the second century BCE, giving them jurisdiction over most of North Africa, they divided North Africa into multiple provinces, amongst these there were Africa Pronconsularis northern Tunisia and Africa Nova much of present-day Algeria, also called Numidia.

If you are a new parent whose ultimate goal is to select a thought-provoking or a unique Swahili name for your baby, then here is a compilation of the most beautiful Swahili baby names just for you. After all, the name you choose for your baby creates a lifelong impact. So, do not be overwhelmed by the suggestions you get from the people around you while choosing a name.

Part I: Rights and Duties. Chapter I: Human and Peoples' Rights.

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