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Electric fuse was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in There are many types of fuses, but the function of all these fuses is the same. In this article, we will discuss the different types of fuses, its construction, working and operation and their application in various electronics and electrical systems.

A fuse is probably the simplest electrical device, but its function is critical in protecting electrical circuits from damage. Fuses are found in every circuit in one form or another in various shapes, sizes, and ratings. In this article, we will learn how a fuse works and about the different types of the fuse. The primary job of a fuse is to break the circuit if a current higher than desired is drawn by the circuit, thus preventing damage due to short circuits. The simplest kind of fuse consists of a resistive element , selected carefully for its melting point.

Fuse and Types of Fuses – Construction, Operation & Applications

Electric fuse was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in There are many types of fuses, but the function of all these fuses is the same. In this article, we will discuss the different types of fuses, its construction, working and operation and their application in various electronics and electrical systems.

Related Posts:. A general Fuse consists of a low resistance metallic wire enclosed in a non combustible material. It is used to connect and install in series with a circuit and device which needs to be protected from short circuit and over current, otherwise, electrical appliance may be damaged in case of absence of the fuse and circuit breaker as they are unable to handle the excessive current according to their rating limits.

Whenever a short circuit, over current or mismatched load connection occurs, then the thin wire inside the fuse melts because of the heat generated by the heavy current flowing through it. Therefore, it disconnects the power supply from the connected system. In normal operation of the circuit, fuse wire is just a very low resistance component and does not affect the normal operation of the system connected to the power supply. While selecting the proper fuse and its rated size for electrical appliances is based on different factors and environments.

But the following basic formula shows how to choose the right size of fuse? For example, you have to find the right size of fuse for 10A two pin socket. But you should go for the max i. Different types of fuses can be categories on the following characteristics. Below is the brief explanation of the above categories. Current carrying capacity is the amount of current which a fuse can easily conduct without interrupting the circuit. Breaking capacity:. The value of maximum current that can safely be interrupted by the Fuse is called Breaking Capacity and should be higher than the prospective short circuit current.

Expect the current capacity of current, there is the maximum voltage rating a fuse can handle safely. Each fuse has maximum allowed voltage rating, for example, if a fuse is designed for 32 volts it cannot be used with volts, different amounts of isolation is required in different fuses working on different voltage levels. It is the amount of energy which carries the fuse element when the electrical fault is cleared by the fuse element.

The speed at which the fuse blows, depends on the amount of current flowing through its wire. The higher the current flowing through the wire, faster will be the response time. Response characteristic shows the response time for an overcurrent event. Fuses which respond rapidly to the over current situation is called ultra fast fuses or Fast fuses. They are used in Many semiconductor devices because semiconductor devices are damaged by over current very rapidly.

There is another fuse which Is called a slow burn fuse , switch fuses do not respond rapidly to the over current event, but blow after several seconds of over current occurrence. Such fuses found their application in motor control electronics systems because motors take a lot more current at starting than running. As we have mentioned above, AC and DC fuses have a little bit different packaging type, in the same way different applications require different packages to be used accurately in the circuit.

One time use fuses contain a metallic wire, which burns out, when an over current, over load or mismatched load connect event occurs, the user has to manually replace these fuses, switch fuses are cheap and widely used in almost all the electronics and electrical systems. On the other hand, the Resettable fuse automatically reset after the operation when fault occurs at the system.

In the Current limiting fuse, they produce high resistance for a very short period while the non — current limiting fuse produces an arc in case of high current flow to interrupts and limit the current in related and connected circuits. There are different types of fuses available in the market and they can be categories on the basis of Different aspects.

Click image to enlarge. Fuses can be divided into two main categories according to the type of input supply voltage. In a DC system, when the metallic wire melts because of the heat generated by the over current, then Arc is produced and it is very difficult to extinguish this arc because of DC constant value. So in order to minimize the fuse arcing, DC fuse are little bigger than an AC fuse which increases the distance between the electrodes to reduce the arc in the Fuse.

On the other hand, i. Therefore, AC fuses are a little bit small in sizes as compared to DC fuses. Fuses can also be categorized based on one time or multiple Operations.

Cartridge fuses are used to protect electrical appliances such as motors, air-conditions, refrigerator, pumps etc, where high voltage rating and currents are required. They are available up to A and V AC and widely used in industries, commercial as well as home distribution panels.

There are two types of Cartridge fuses. General purpose fuse with no time delay and 2. Heavy-duty cartridge fuses with time delay. D-Types fuse contains an adapter ring, base, cap and cartridge.

Fuse base is connected to the fuse cap where the cartridge is inside the fuse cap. The circuit is completed when the tip of the cartridge makes contacts through the fuse link conductor. We have already discussed in very details about HRC fuse High Rupturing Capacity construction, operation and their applications.

Related Post:. High Voltage HV fuses are used in power systems to protect the power transformer , distribution transformers and instrument transformer etc. High Voltage fuses are rated for more than V and up to 13kV. The element of High Voltage fuse is generally made of copper, silver or tin. These types of fuses also known as spade or plug-in fuses come in plastic body and two metal caps to fit in the socket.

Mostly, they are used in automobiles for wiring and short circuit protection. The rating of automobile fuses are low as 12V to 42V. Types of HRC Fuses. The most famous kit-kat fuse also known as rewireable fuse mostly used in industries and home electrical wiring for small current applications in Low Voltage LV systems. Rewireable fuse contains 2 basic parts.

The inner fuse element as fuse carrier made of tinned copper, Aluminum, Lead etc and the base made of porcelain having the IN and OUT terminals which is used to be in series with the circuit to protect.

The main advantage of a rewireable fuse is that It can be rewired easily in case it is blown due to short circuit or over current which melts the fuse elements.

Simple, put another wire of fuse elements with the same rating as before. As mentioned above, thermal fuse is a one time used only fuse. They are temperature sensitive fuse and the fuse element is made of temperature sensitive alloy. In a thermal fuse, the fuse element holds a mechanical spring contact which is normally closed. When high currents due to over current and short circuit flow through the elements of the fuse, the fuse elements melts down which lead to release the spring mechanism and prevent the arc and fire and protect the connected circuit.

Related Articles:. Resettable fuse is a device, which can be used multiple times without replacing it. They open the circuit, when an over current event occurs and after some specific time they connect the circuit again. Polymeric positive temperature coefficient device PPTC, commonly known as a resettable fuse, poly-switch or poly-fuse is a passive electronic component used to protect against short current faults in electronic circuits.

Application of resettable fuses is overcome where manually replacing fuses is difficult or almost impossible, e. Different types of Electrical and Electronic Fuses can be used in all types of electrical and electronic systems and applications including:.

You may also read. It is very useful for me to rapidly and brifely briefly understand any topic on electrical field. To begin with it is a condensed informative article which I feel as very useful. However, I got a question. What will be the impact of selecting an AC fuse to keep it in the rotor circuit of a slip ring induction motor? Since the arcing time continues up to the current zero which matches with slip frequency I feel that the fuse body will be subjected to higher pressure due to thermal energy and has the probability of pressure rupture.

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Electrical Fuse Types and Their Uses

He was the person who suggested the utilization of reduced part of conductors to guard telegraph stations against the hits of lighting with liquefying, the slighter wires would guard equipment along with wiring in the building. In the year , lighting installations and telegraph cables can be protected by employing a variety of foil fusible essentials and wires. At the end, Thomas Alva Edison earned rights for a fuse which is an element of his electric distribution system in the year And now, this article discusses fuse , types of fuses, and its applications in various fields. In the field of electronics or electrical, a fuse is considered as the most crucial device which is employed in various electrical circuits that give protection from the overcurrent conditions. The device is included with a metal strip where it gets dissolved when there is a flow of an extended range of current values.

Electrical Fuse Types

Fuses are the protectors, these are the safety devices which are used to protect the home appliances like televisions, refrigerators, computers with damage by high voltage. The fuse is made up of thin strip or strand of metal, whenever the heavy amount of current or an excessive current flow is there in an electrical circuit, the fuse melts and it opens the circuit and disconnects it from the power supply. Also, it works as a circuit breaker or stabilizer which protects the device from damage. In the market, many types, features, and design of fuses are available nowadays.

What is Fuse : Different Types and Its Applications

Basically, use 3 type of fuse 1. Rewirable or Kit-kat fuse 2.

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