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Paul Foster Case October 3, — March 2, was an American occultist of the early 20th century and author of numerous books on occult tarot and Qabalah. Perhaps his greatest contributions to the field of occultism were the lessons he wrote for associate members of Builders of the Adytum or B. The knowledge lectures given to initiated members of the chapters of the B.

His father was the town librarian and a deacon at the local Congregational church. A talented musician, he embarked on a successful career as a violinist, and orchestra conductor. He had an honorary doctorate in music awarded to him. Case was early on attracted to the occult. While still a child he reported experiences that today are called lucid dreaming. He corresponded about these experiences with Rudyard Kipling who encouraged him as to the validity of his paranormal pursuits.

In the year , [5] Case met the occultist Claude Bragdon while both were performing at a charity performance. Bragdon asked Case what he thought the origin of playing cards was. Between and aged 20—24 , Case began practicing yoga , and in particular pranayama , from what published sources were available. His early experiences appear to have caused him some mental and emotional difficulties and left him with a lifelong concern that so called "occult" practice be done with proper guidance and training.

Atkinson aka Ramacharaka which led him to correspond with the then popular new thought author. Many people have speculated that Case and Atkinson were two of the three anonymous authors of The Kybalion , an influential philosophical text, although the introduction to an edition of The Kybalion released in has presented considerable evidence for Atkinson as the book's lone author.

Case reported a meeting on the streets of Chicago , in or , that was to change the course of his life. A "Dr. Fludd," a prominent Chicago physician approached the young Case and greeting him by name, claimed to have a message from a "master of wisdom" [12] who, the doctor said, "is my teacher as well as yours.

The stranger said that Case was being offered a choice. He could continue with his successful musical career and live comfortably, or he could dedicate himself to "serve humanity" and thereby play a role in the coming age.

The articles attracted wide notice in the occult community for organizing and clarifying what had previously been confusing and scattered occult doctrines about the meaning of the tarot cards. MacGregor Mathers , after the demise of the Golden Dawn in Case joined, and quickly moved up initiations in the Rosicrucian grades True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order. Whitty republished Case's attribution of the Tarot keys with corrections in Azoth magazine.

That same year, Case became the 'sub-praemonstrator' assistant chief instructor at the Thoth-Hermes Lodge. Also during that year he finished a set of articles on the Mystical Rosicrucian Origins of Faust and published by Whitty.

The following year, he began to correspond with Dr. John William Brodie-Innes Fr. Sub Spe. Between and , Case and Michael Whitty collaborated in the development of the text which would later be published as The Book of Tokens.

This book was written as a received text, whether through meditation, automatic writing, or some other means. It later surfaced that Master R. In December , Michael Whitty died. Case believed Whitty's health problems were attributable to the dangers that arise or may arise in the practice of Enochian magic.

Like his fellow British occultist and later correspondent, Dion Fortune , Case found himself in a controversy with Moina Mathers in the early s. Perhaps because of his quick advancement through the grades of the order, Case sparked some jealousy among the other adepts. Moreover, others may have thought some of his teachings inappropriate. On July 18, , Mathers wrote Case regarding complaints she had received regarding some of his teachings. Apparently, Case had begun discussing the topics of sexual symbolism and sex magic, which at the time had no official place in the order's curriculum.

Since no knowledge lectures exist on the subject, whether sex practices were ever taught in the Golden Dawn has been a long-standing question. In her correspondence with Case, Moina wrote, "I have seen the results of this superficial sex teaching in several occult societies as well as in individual cases.

I have never met with one happy result. But to Case, sexuality became an increasingly important subject. In his Book of Tokens , a collection of inspired meditations on the 22 Tarot Keys of the Major Arcana, Case comments on the sex function, "You must wholly alter your conception of sex in order to comprehend the Ancient Wisdom.

It is the interior nervous organism, not the external organs, that is always meant in phallic symbolism, and the force that works through these interior centers is the Great Magical Agent, the divine serpent fire.

Some members also complained about a personal relationship between Case and a soror, Lilli Geise. My conscience acquits me Our relation to each other we submit to no other Judge than that Lord of Love and Justice whom we all adore. Perhaps Moina's correspondence also touched a sensitive area for Case. In her July 18 letter, she tells Case, "You evidently have reached a point in your mystical Way where there would appear to exist certain cross-roads.

The artist in you, which I recognize, and with whom I deeply sympathize, would probably choose to learn the Truth through the joy and beauty of physical life. He who is sometimes called Lord of the Land of Heart's Desire? But Etain had to choose between bodily existence in the land of mortals and everlasting life. She continued still, "The artist in us may have lingered in that land for a moment. But you and I who would be teachers and pioneers in this Purgatorial World must be prepared before all the Gods to be the servants of the greatest of them all Case resigned as Praemonstrator, responding to Moina, "I have no desire to be a 'teacher and pioneer in this Purgatorial World.

The relief is great. Apparently Case had already begun work on establishing a mystery school of his own—the School of Ageless Wisdom, which later became Builders Of The Adytum. After Case left Alpha et Omega, he vigorously pursued the organization of his own mystery school. In the summer of , Case put his first efforts together preparing a comprehensive correspondence course. In one year it covered what the B. Some of these materials have recently been published.

Within a few years he moved to Los Angeles, abandoning, once and for all, his career as a musician, and established the Builders of the Adytum B. Still in existence today, B. Over the next three decades, Case organized the curriculum of correspondence lessons covering what is called the Western Mystery Tradition : occult tarot , Qabalah , and hermetic alchemy.

MacGregor Mathers , who was responsible for the inclusion of the ceremonials based on the skrying of Sir Edward Kelly. Furthermore, in many places, the practical working is not provided with adequate safeguards, so that, to the present writer's personal knowledge, an operator working with the Golden Dawn [Enochian] rituals runs very grave risks of breaking down his physical organism, or of obsession by evil entities. Paul Clark, in his book on Case, mentions his own examination of the original Cipher manuscripts on which Mathers founded the first order Golden Dawn rituals.

Clark found that the "Cipher manuscripts refer to a set of tablets from the 'Old Manuscripts,' but do not specify Dee or Kelly's work by name. Mather's [sic! It was natural for him, perhaps mistakenly, to assume these were the ones referenced in the Cipher manuscripts. Unfortunately, this was not necessarily the case. Case died while vacationing in Mexico with his wife, Harriet. His Life and Works. Appendix II purports to be communications from Master R. Case's first wife was Lilli Geise, a soror of the Golden Dawn, but the marriage was short lived when she died a few years later May 9, In Case was introduced to Ann Davies.

She walked into one of his classes with her sister Rosalie. Later, Ann and her small daughter, Bonnie, moved into the Cases' house where they helped by fixing meals, mimeographing lessons, and receiving occult teachings from Mr.

The Liberal Catholic Church was established in England in out of the failing Old Catholic missionary effort there. The Old Catholic bishop, Arnold Harris Matthew, had filled his clergy ranks with a number of English Theosophists and Golden Dawn Qabalists, all dedicated students of the 'Ageless Wisdom', which in Theosophy is held to underlie all the world's great religions including Christianity. When Matthew left the movement, he left a valid apostolic succession in the hands of men prepared to teach the Ageless Wisdom and mystical Christianity , and to offer valid Catholic sacraments to all and sundry, but especially to religious non-conformists.

Case was ordained a priest by Bishop Charles Hampton in the Liberal Catholic Church in Ojai, California, in , and served parishes throughout the southern California area. According to the membership archives of the Freemasons Grand Lodge, F. Germain" or "Master R" , a mysterious personality of whom much is said but about whom are few actual records. Case later allegedly met Master R. The Adytum News described it this way: "One day the phone rang, and much to his surprise the same voice which had been inwardly instructing him in his researches for many years spoke to him on the phone.

It was the Master R. After three weeks of personal instruction with the Master R. Case also purportedly received communications from Master R. The first set of communications resulted in The Book of Tokens , [34] a set of meditations on the Tarot.

Case left behind extensive published writings on the Western Mystery Tradition, Tarot, Qabalah, Freemasonry, and even more unpublished writings that are circulated today through the Builders of the Adytum as well as through other mystery schools influenced by him, such as the Fraternity of the Hidden Light. From mine unfathomable will, the universe hath its beginning. In my boundless wisdom are the types and patterns of all things. That same episode also makes numerous visual references to the B.

Clark, P. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of general references , but it remains largely unverified because it lacks sufficient corresponding inline citations.

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Searching for the Cosmic Quintessence: How Medival Alchemists Meditated

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Paul Foster Case October 3, — March 2, was an American occultist of the early 20th century and author of numerous books on occult tarot and Qabalah. Perhaps his greatest contributions to the field of occultism were the lessons he wrote for associate members of Builders of the Adytum or B. The knowledge lectures given to initiated members of the chapters of the B. His father was the town librarian and a deacon at the local Congregational church. A talented musician, he embarked on a successful career as a violinist, and orchestra conductor.

Download PDF. It is with great pleasure that we introduce "Hermetic Alchemy: Science and Practice" by Paul Foster Case, the second volume of the Rosicrucian.


Search this site. A Class Book of Physical Geography. New Edition. In Four Volumes. Volume I PDF.

Hermetic Books

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. It is with great excitement that we introduce the first volume of the 'The Golden Dawn Tarot Series', a collection of distinguished books on Tarot written by leaders of the Golden Dawn Tradition. The first book of this series, 'Wisdom of Tarot', represents some of Paul Foster Case's earliest thoughts on the subject. Though almost two decades will pass before the publication of Paul's masterpiece, 'The Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages', all of his essential thought can be found in these pages as well as additional material that has not been available to the public for over 75 years.

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Paul Foster Case

This article is also available in PDF format. Are you interested in Alchemy? Ask yourself why! If you want to make gold to get rich, you have come to the wrong place.

Thursday 12 April Case Paul Foster. When Paul Foster Case published this Magnum Opus in , it reflected a period during which he chose to write very clearly. Paul Case later mentioned that it was a mistake to give out this alchemical material "too easily". After preparing the outstanding 'Tarot Fundamentals' and 'Tarot Interpretation' lesson series as well as the 'Tree of Life' courses, Paul created the 'Great Work' course but decided to write in a more cryptic manner with regard to Alchemy.

Hermeticism , or Hermetism , is a label used to designate a philosophical system that is primarily based on the purported teachings of Hermes Trismegistus a legendary Hellenistic combination of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. One of the most common uses of the label is to refer to the religio-philosophical system propounded by a specific subgroup of Hermetic writings known as the 'philosophical' Hermetica , the most famous of which is the Corpus Hermeticum a collection of seventeen Greek Hermetic treatises written between c. A more open-ended term is Hermeticism , which may refer to a wide variety of philosophical systems drawing on Hermetic writings, or even merely on subject matter generally associated with Hermes most notably, alchemy often went by the name of "the Hermetic art" or "the Hermetic philosophy". Yates advanced the thesis that Renaissance Hermeticism, or what she called "the Hermetic tradition", had been a crucial factor in the development of modern science. Throughout its history, Hermeticism was closely associated with the idea of a primeval, divine wisdom, revealed only to the most ancient of sages, such as Hermes Trismegistus.

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Оказавшись в условиях подлинного разведывательного затемнения, АНБ выпустило секретную директиву, одобренную президентом Соединенных Штатов. Заручившись поддержкой федеральных фондов и получив карт-бланш на все необходимые меры для решения проблемы, АНБ приступило к созданию невозможного - первой универсальной машины для вскрытия шифров. Вопреки широко распространенному мнению о том, что такой компьютер создать невозможно, АНБ осталось верным своему девизу: возможно все; на невозможное просто требуется больше времени.

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Paul Foster Case - Hermetic Alchemy Science Practice - 1931

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В ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ послышался треск, и Стратмор приступил к решению стоявшей перед ним задачи - вырубить электричество.

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