tucson star valley master homeowners association maintenance of landscaping and driveways pdf

Tucson Star Valley Master Homeowners Association Maintenance Of Landscaping And Driveways Pdf

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Great C-2 zoning in City of Tucson. Which allows many uses such as Retail commercial with wholesale; nightclubs, bars, amusement enterprises permitted.


I cited limited property use restrictions, heavy economic use restrictions, the potential for legal attachment, and increasingly burdensome property taxes as factors eroding true homeownership. Today I want to focus a factor that puts even more extreme limits on home ownership — homeowners associations, or HOAs. And more specifically, why you should avoid buying in HOA neighborhoods.

In the interest of full disclosure, I? An HOA neighborhood is something like a community within a community. You live in a city or town — a municipality — but if you also live in an HOA neighborhood, you also live in another distinct legal entity. And just as the municipality has rules, so does the HOA.

There are various types of HOA neighborhoods, and each vary in terms of the amenities they provide and their control over your status as a homeowner. Voluntary HOAs — These are something more like traditional neighborhood associations in that they?

That issue could be something like organizing to block certain outside developments or circumstances that are considered harmful to the neighborhood, or just to get some seasonal parties going.

They typically have small dues, but you aren? There is no provision for you to opt out — once you close on the sale, you? There are generally substantial neighborhood amenities, commonly a pool, tennis courts, a club house, playgrounds and a formal entryway into the neighborhood.

You will be required to pay an HOA fee, on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. There are covenants and restrictions, that you will be required to sign at closing, that will include bylaws that mostly tell you what you can?

When you buy a condo, you own only the interior of the home. The exterior, from the walls and ceiling outward, are common property. That means they?

As a result, condo HOAs can be even more restrictive than those that cover detached homes. However, condo HOAs also bear greater responsibility.

Since the physical structures are owned by the HOA, it is the HOA that must pay to make exterior repairs and improvements, including replacing the roof, pavement, landscaping, windows and siding as needed. They also pay the hazard exterior home insurance on the property, and often certain utilities, such as trash removal. Fees are usually monthly and a lot higher than with detached housing.

But the HOA will also provide certain services, such as landscaping and snow removal. Non-mandatory HOAs really can? As well, with condos most people recognize that property use is both restricted and totally necessary due to the communal nature of the arrangement. What I? They won? Even worse, mandatory HOAs can negatively affect your economic situation.

If you don? Before you go thinking that? While that may be a good thing on the day you sell the house, how it plays out between now and then will be another matter entirely. The problem is that how we live our lives is usually not consistent with what is necessary to maintain and increase property values. In order to carry out the business of increasing property values, the HOA enacts and enforces a series of rules designed to ensure that neighborhood standards of conformity are met.

This is by design. Conformity is easier to enforce in similar homes. Customization of any kind becomes easier to spot. The HOA will limit what color you can paint your house, how many people can live in it, how many — and what type of — vehicles you can park in the driveway, how often you need to paint the exterior, where you place your garbage dumpsters, and the condition of your landscaping.

They can also prevent you from adding on to the house, or maintaining out-buildings, like tool sheds or a tree house for your kids. And that? Once you? To add insult to injury, should you be found to be in violation the HOA has the legal right to impose legally enforceable fines on you, that are automatically attached to your property.

In case you think that I? HOA Horror Story 1. My wife and I discovered that our friends on the board of our HOA were not our friends at all when we had the exterior of our house repainted. We had the house painted gray with pink shutters, like you might find on a New England cottage. We got a lot of compliments from our neighbors.

Then the notice came from our HOA. The gray was fine, but our pink shutters were too? We had to drab them down, or face a battery of consequences, including accelerating fines, that the notice apprised us were the associations legal right to pursue.

All color schemes that departed from the original that came with your house required pre-approval by the board. So much for freedom of choice. HOA Horror Story 2. One of my best friends who moved into the same neighborhood after we moved out got a notice from the HOA telling him he needed to put curtains on the second floor windows of his house.

The reason:? I still can? HOA Horror Story 3. A mortgage client of mine received notice from his HOA that he and his wife needed to store their three-year-old daughter? HOA Horror Story 4. A distraught friend of mine called me one day telling me that she had just received notice from her HOA informing her of a recently passed rule requiring all vehicles to be garaged between the hours of midnight and six a.

No overnight parking of vehicles either in driveways or on streets would be permitted. Since all houses in the neighborhood had no more than a two car garage, this was a fundamental issue for anyone with kids who also have cars. She sold and moved out shortly after. Since this is a personal finance blog, I want to focus more closely on the effect that HOAs have in regard to your ability to earn a living. Conformity is the rule in HOA neighborhoods.

The preference in a typical HOA neighborhood is to have people work in white-collar positions, or if they? That mostly restricts you to businesses that involve nothing more than your computer and telephone. The more that you depart from this ideal, the greater the potential to face a confrontation with the HOA — a confrontation you?

If you work in one of those two preferred capacities, you probably are not the least bit concerned that the association might limit other activities. You might even be happy about it. But what would happen if you lost your job or your clean business were to fail? What if you need to pursue economic and financial options that didn?

These days, you should never be too certain that can? And if it happens to you, you? This is just my opinion, and I? After all, struggling homeowners aren?

If you start to resemble anything close to that riff-raff, you may come into their crosshairs. A lot of people today are being forced to retool into lines of work they never imagined.

Living in an HOA neighborhood won? HOA neighborhoods are conducive to people in a very narrow career range. Should you hit on hard times, or decide to enter a career or business that is not consistent with the covenants and restrictions, the HOA can legally get in the way of your operation. An attorney friend of mine here in Georgia told me that once you buy into an HOA neighborhood you have no choice but to go along with their rules.

Not just the ones that exist when you move in, but any subsequent rules that are passed. In Georgia at least, and I suspect in many other states as well, HOAs have legal preference before the courts, not the least of which because you sign? According to this attorney, legal challenges against HOAs typically don? The unkindest cut is that they can impose a series of fines for non-compliance.

These fines will increase in size the longer you fail to comply. They can then place a lien on your house, forcing you to pay out of the sale of the house. Presumably, they can block the sale if there isn? While you may think that you can somehow insulate yourself from hostile action by your HOA by being a good neighbor, don?

Most of the HOA issues I? HOAs represent a level of government, one close enough to the ground to be manipulated by its participants. Not all of those participants have good intentions. While I readily acknowledge that there are a lot of people serving on HOA boards who have the purest of intentions, there are plenty of the other kind. Unfortunately, many or most of these personalities tend to be of like-mind, which makes disputing the board?

A popular radio personality here in Atlanta once ranted about HOAs, saying they? As I said earlier, the primary goal is to increase property values, which doesn? It can be surprising and shocking how? Every neighborhood has at least one?

Why You Should Avoid Buying in HOA Neighborhoods

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To find your local Phoenix location, select the motor vehicle office from the list below or by using the map provided. Did you know that not every Phoenix office in Arizona offers the same services? Fortunately, a list of motor vehicle-related services is included among other essential details. For more information contact the City Police Department at City Transient Occupancy Tax If your business is a hotel, inn, motel, bed and breakfast, or other lodging where living accommodations are provided for periods of less than thirty days, you may be subject to the Transient Occupancy Tax. Phoenix is the capital and largest city by population in Arizona with 1,, residents, is ranked as the sixth most populous city in the United States, and land area spanning Pueblo Grande Museum is an archaeological site once inhabited by the Hohokam culture, just east of downtown Phoenix, next to Sky Harbor International Airport.

Montana Department of Transportation

Michiko Martin, Regional Forester. Contact Us. Subscribe to this feed. Airbase Expansion at Prescott Fire Center.

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Why You Should Avoid Buying in HOA Neighborhoods

What Makes HOA Neighborhoods Such a Threat?

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