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A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process, or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype , product or process. The verb to design expresses the process of developing a design. In some cases, the direct construction of an object without an explicit prior plan such as in craftwork, some engineering, coding, and graphic design may also be considered to be a design activity.

Software Essentials

As we moved past, Charlie and I could hear the echo of thousands of undead moans, as the ghouls wandered in search of prey. The moans of the dead seemed to grow louder and the ones we could see were clearly agitated by something.

Judging by the sounds the dead were making, something was in there they wanted and wanted badly. I intended to snag one after Peg fell asleep. I decided to make sure everyone was settled for the night and I could have free use of the kitchen. Her scarlet robe would have been flattering to her gypsy dark coloring, but her sharp features were drawn in a tight frown. An alarm began to sound and suddenly they disappeared in a cloud of white steam.

Alex remembered what he had just heard. If the men were being decontaminated, what were they being decontaminated from. He heard the clatter of machine-gun fire and black tiles disintegrated centimetres behind his feet. He felt a spray of bullets passing close to him and part of a chimney stack shattered, showering him with dust. The edge of the roof was getting closer. The men behind him paused, thinking he had nowhere to go. But Alex had seen building works: scaffolding, cement mixers-and an orange pipe designed to carry builders" debris from the different floors down to the street.

Alex couldn"t judge his leap-but he was lucky. In so far as disparity of rank, difference in duties and considerations of military discipline would permit they were commonly together. Would you like to do me a favour. Then he took off his wet jacket and washed the scratches on his face, dabbing iodine on them after he had dried his face on a towel. He put away the first-aid box and took out the gun-cleaning outfit He hurriedly cleaned the Colt and reloaded it.

Then he cleaned the Winchester and added four more slugs to the magazine. He had no thought of abandoning his task at this stage to resume it on the morrow under more advantageous conditions.

The feverish stimulation of cupidity and the fascination of terror held him to his dismal work with an iron authority. Doing something different with your hair. It was a perfectly arranged space with clean carpet and newer furniture. More than anything else, the reduced amount of clutter made it clear that someone other than Daniels had been set loose in that place. He did not know whether or not to be surprised when this argument seemed to convince the creature, but he could tell that Kruger was satisfied with the result.

The light grew dimmer as the bottom of the ramp was approached, and a bulb on the top of the robot was lighted to permit them to see. I will come to meet your machine, but will travel slowly, as I have to bring my radio with me. I will wait here, and my companions can talk to you as well. It took a long time to traverse, but eventually the robot reached a point where the corridor suddenly expanded into a large chamber about eight feet high, from which a number of other openings branched.

His fair hair was still smooth and thick, but his face had sunk as if the flesh had withered, and in spite of standing as to attention on parade, there was still something within him that sagged, giving an illusion of emptiness.

He was dressed in perfect black, so dark it absorbed even the little light there was, making his hair look the brighter. He spoke with the same gesture to everyone, courteous and mechanical. He seemed to be making an effort to say something individual to people, but after a little while he, too, began to repeat himself. Callandra was dressed in unrelieved black, but her hat was uncharacteristically stylish, very simple in line, and it became her very much, accentuating the strength in her face, and for once her hair was immaculate.

When he focused on the floor and the lower portion of the room, he spotted more of the Skinner runes etched into the walls. My guess is that you have not either. Sitting around all day makes me sleepy. She was being dishonest with herself. He thanked God that it touched so few lives. And he thanked God he was going home.

As the train was about to move off, someone squeezed into the seat opposite him and deposited four large cans of strong lager on the table. The youth was tall and hard-looking with shorn hair. I appreciate that speed is of the greatest importance, as well as discretion. The air was electric in the room. One could believe that, beyond the tall windows, a summer storm was about to break. Candor would be of the greatest service, sir. I believe he had had some altercation with his wife, and with his brother, Simnel Marquand.

And that will be the best thing that has happened for Niall and me in decades. He actually looked more eager than Jack, whose tail had started wagging the second we began moving again.

Tell him Koren was working for Samos. She had learned long ago that no matter how busy your mind or clenched up your stomach, if you had work to do then you must eat. To say you were too excited or too worried was a self-indulgence and highly impractical.

To be of any use to others you must maintain your own strength. She requested to be driven straight to the police station, where she presented herself at the desk and asked for Superintendent Runcorn, telling the sergeant that it was a matter of urgency.

The hour of the day and her name were sufficient to impress him, and he took the message straightaway. Either the young man was surprisingly light, or else Rebus had found hidden strength, for the body fairly flew from its seat uttering a string of high-pitched comment as it went. I need to get to the Old Bailey. However, I like hot weather, and I adore the rasp of cicadas. What is this supposed to tell me.

Truth is always the best policy. Come on, Bailey Ruth, level with me. He permits his agents great independence. Any person who declared his readiness to live on his land, and to cultivate it, was to be allowed to select a portion, not exceeding a certain size, in any part of the colony which he thought most convenient. He brought the kite as low as he dared but it made no difference.

There was nothing more he could do. A blast of smoke and burning petrol. He wondered for the briefest of moments if he had been hit. He had to use his rank to open a hole in the large crowd that filled the passageway.

It seemed that almost everyone not on watch was there, asking after the two divers. The boarded-over mine shaft was a dark mound straight ahead. In the dark, the curved mound looked like a huge gravestone. A huge padlock hung from a rusty chain wound around the big splintery board that barred the double doors. She climbed high enough to see over the cleared area.

She sat on a fat limb, her back to the trunk, her knees to her chin. What shook me was the little zap of power I detected when we passed a glass case full of skulls whose teeth had all been removed and lined up neatly in front of them. Or the shelf full of ancient clay bowls whose internal stains, I sensed, had not been caused by clothing dye. By now his coloring had shaded from its usual wind-burned brown to a sickly celery.

But if I offered help he might never speak to me again. Plus Vayl, walking on his other side, was quick enough to catch him before he fell. It was almost comical to watch the change come over his face. His expression went from confused and scared to piss-your-pants freaked. It takes money to buy components.

The smear of blood on the lining confirmed his idea that they were taking the body away in bits. He, too, was as dead as a sausage. He lay twisted in a corner, his mouth drawn up, showing his teeth. Fenner thought he looked like a mad dog. A quick search revealed nothing, and Fenner went downstairs again.

Every piece of metal from the rings to the buckle was embedded with runes. Must need to make contact with flesh instead of rock. When he first got the device running, he could hear something. No one else would have dared to touch Rico. The croaking sound he made deceived neither himself nor Olin. Had there been a patrolman watching the club. But as lying came more naturally to him than telling the truth, he decided to lie. I began to associate it with joyous laughter. When I felt she understood, I motioned for Vayl to come forward beside me.

I can tel you she was once a spectacular human being. Al I had to do was stop limiting her, start seeing her possibilities, and now infinite travel destinations are open to us.

Software Essentials

As we moved past, Charlie and I could hear the echo of thousands of undead moans, as the ghouls wandered in search of prey. The moans of the dead seemed to grow louder and the ones we could see were clearly agitated by something. Judging by the sounds the dead were making, something was in there they wanted and wanted badly. I intended to snag one after Peg fell asleep. I decided to make sure everyone was settled for the night and I could have free use of the kitchen.

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Беккер подтянул ноги, стараясь протиснуться в проем. Когда его торс уже свисал над лестницей, шаги послышались совсем. Он схватился руками за боковые стороны проема и, одним движением вбросив свое тело внутрь, тяжело рухнул на лестницу. Халохот услышал, как где-то ниже тело Беккера упало на каменные ступеньки, и бросился вниз, сжимая в руке пистолет. В поле его зрения попало окно.

Он едва дышал.

Танкадо посмотрел на женщину, поднеся исковерканные пальцы прямо к ее лицу, как бы умоляя понять. Кольцо снова блеснуло на солнце. Женщина отвернулась. Танкадо, задыхаясь и не в силах произнести ни звука, в последней отчаянной надежде посмотрел на тучного господина. Пожилой человек вдруг поднялся и куда-то побежал, видимо, вызвать скорую.

Он понимал, что времени у него .

Тогда Стратмор понял, что Грег Хейл должен умереть. В ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ послышался треск, и Стратмор приступил к решению стоявшей перед ним задачи - вырубить электричество. Рубильник был расположен за фреоновыми насосами слева от тела Чатрукьяна, и Стратмор сразу же его. Ему нужно было повернуть рубильник, и тогда отключилось бы электропитание, еще остававшееся в шифровалке. Потом, всего через несколько секунд, он должен был включить основные генераторы, и сразу же восстановились бы все функции дверных электронных замков, заработали фреоновые охладители и ТРАНСТЕКСТ оказался бы в полной безопасности.

Он хотел отдать кольцо. Какие же страшные были у него руки. - Вот тут-то вы и рассмотрели его кольцо.

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