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PDF Protected cultivation is an emerging technology for raise vegetables, flowers, and others high valued as well as perishable crops. Parvatha Reddy.

Semester — I. Course No.

Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Greenhouse Crops

Editors H. The editors have taken utmost care to avoid errors in this publication, however the editors are in no way responsible for the authenticity of data or information given by the contributors. Bibliographic Citation Singh, H. Eds , The growing demand, in recent years, for horticultural produce for internal consumption as well as for exports has highlighted the need for increasing the production and enhancing the productivity of these crops. Efforts made to harness available technologies through Plan-schemes have yielded good results and India has secured a creditable position in the international scene in the production of many horticultural products such as mango, banana, cashew and cabbage.

To tap the existing potential fully, however, it will be necessary to make available, to the farming community, the latest technologies in the cost-effective manner. Precision farming is one such area which can facilitate the most efficient utilization of resources and improve returns per unit area and time.

The challenge of producing million tonnes of horticultural produce by from the current level of million tonnes, calls for the adoption of bold and imaginative strategic approaches, through the development of modern tools.

Keeping this in view, the Government of India has contemplated the deployment of hi-tech horticulture and precision farming tools during the X Five-Year Plan. In doing so, as many of the concepts being new, it was essential to take on board the advancements made within the country and abroad in terms of hardware and software. I am glad that all these issues were deliberated upon in detail during the National Seminar-cum-Workshop on Hi-tech Horticulture and Precision Farming held on July, at Lucknow.

The exercise generated a wealth of information and it is heartening to note that the proceedings of the Seminar are being brought out in the form of a book entitled Precision Farming in Horticulture containing articles of. I heartily compliment the Editors for the excellent effort that has gone into the compilation of this book for the benefit of scientists as well as policy-makers. I feel confident that its contents will prove to be of significant value in the years to come. Recognizing the potential and opportunities, which horticulture provides enhanced focus and plan investment has been rewarding.

With a production of million MT, India has emerged a major global player in horticulture. Horticulture is expected to have accelerated growth rate above 7 per cent for achieving overall growth of agriculture to the tune of 4 per cent. In the task of achieving the higher growth rate, hi-tech interventions like precision farming in horticulture is essentially required, as horticultural crops, whether it be a fruit, vegetable, flower, spice, medicinal and aromatic plant or plantation crops, respond to technologies like micropropagation, microirrigation, fertigation etc.

In order to optimize the use of resources and improve the returns to the farmers, these technologies have to be adopted. The establishment of Plasticulture Development Centre PDC at 17 locations, has enabled to develop regionally differentiated technologies, besides capacity building of farmers and official in promoting the hi-tech tools, and past experiences are suggestive of rewarding outcome in terms of increased production and productivity.

Precision Farming, has attracted the attention of developed countries for increasing productivity by temporal and spatial management of resources using various tools. The concept of precision farming is new to the country and needs appropriate attention for efficient utilization of resources to achieve higher input-use efficiency in given time. Plastic Development Centres working on various components of precision farming have been redesignated to Precision Farming Development Centres.

To conceptualize the programme and develop appropriate action plan and to promote the concepts it was thought appropriate to discuss issues involved in the development of hi-tech horticulture and precision farming in larger group before launching new scheme. The conference had participation of all the stake holders, who deliberated systematically the need and modalities for the promotion of hi-tech horticulture and precision farming.

Recognising the richness of knowledge, which was gathered in this workshop, this book entitled, Precision Farming in Horticulture, is an excellent documentation of information. This book contains chapters from experts in the field covering hi-tech horticulture, precision farming, and crop specific technology. The book, a compilation of information on precision farming, will be of much value for those engaged in hi-tech horticulture. The Editors would like to place on record their gratefulness to Shri J.

The Editors are highly thankful to Dr. Kalloo, Deputy Director-General Hort. The Editors are deeply indebted to all the Resource Speakers for their valuable contribution without which it would not have been possible to bring out this publication. Finally, the Editors would like to thank one and all who have contributed directly or indirectly in bringing out this publication.

Hi-tech horticulture and precision farming: issues and approaches H. Singh 2. Perspective of hi-tech horticulture and precision farming Jose C.

Samuel and H. Singh 3. Parihar, S. Panigrahy and Ashvir Singh 4 Site-specific nutrient management for high yield and quality of fruit crops K. Tiwari 5. Land and nutrient management in precision farming H. Chauhan 6. Cultivation in hi-tech greenhouses for enhanced productivity of natural Farming resources to achieve the objective of precision farming Pitam Chandra and M. Gupta 7. Strategic approaches of precision technology for improvement of fruit production V.

Singh and Gorakh Singh 8. Singh 9. Precision farming of banana in Maharastra V. Balasubrahmanyam, A. Dhake, K. Patil, Prosenjit Moitra and S. Daryapurkar Approaches and strategies for precision farming in mango Shailendra Rajan and Gorakh Singh Integrated approaches in management of mango diseases Om Prakash Approaches and strategies for precision farming in papaya A.

Singh and Gorakh Singh Approaches and strategies for precision farming in aonla R. Pathak, D. Pandey, Gorakh Singh and Dushyant Mishra Precision farming in onion U. Pandey 1 21 35 45 55 Singh Automation in hi-tech horticulture for efficient resource management T.

Rajput and Neelam Patel Hi-tech nursery with special reference to fruit crops Gorakh Singh and Anju Bajpai Micropropagation for production of disease-free planting material Ramesh Chandra and Maneesh Mishra Approaches for green food production in horticulture R. Pathak and R. Ram Precision Farming in Horticulture Eds: H. Singh, Gorakh Singh, Jose C. Samuel and R.

Pathak The current scenario of horticulture exhibits growth rate of 6. The past interventions have proved beyond doubt that horticulture is one of the best options for improving productivity of land, generating employment, improving economic condition of farmers and above all providing nutritional security.

Working Group constituted by the Planning Commission for the development of horticulture during X Plan has estimated that more than Rs 35, crore private investment and crore mandays of employment would be possible through systematic development of horticulture. In our persuit to achieve the growth rate of 4 per cent in agriculture, the horticulture sector has to grow at the rate of about 7 per cent annually.

Thus, the potential which exists in the country, has to be harnessed in a systematic manner. Horticulture sector includes fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, medicinal plants and plantation crops and contributes In IX Plan, allocation was to the tune of Rs 1, crore. These investments have been rewarding in terms of increased production and productivity. Now, horticulture sector in the country, despite its numerous challenges and shortcomings is in crucial phase of development.

The trend of growth and achievements have been referred as Golden Revolution. Keeping in view, the growth potential of horticulture and to sustain the development, Government of India has given a focussed attention to horticultural Keynote address delivered by Dr.

The initiatives, which were taken during the IX Plan are Technology Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture in North-Eastern Region, Human Resource Development and an area- based approach for the Integrated development of horticulture in hills and tribal region.

Programmes of National Horticulture Board have created an impact in infrastructural development for post-harvest management. A technology mission on coconut, besides the programme of Coconut Development Board was also initiated to address emerging issues. In the process of development many issues have emerged needing attention. These issues are addressed through programmes with focussed attention on productivity enhancement and quality assurance. Besides, the programme initiated during IX Plan and continued in X Plan two new initiatives, Hi-tech horticulture through precision farming and technological interventions for sustainable development of horticulture shall be taken up during X Plan.

All these efforts are expected to provide enhanced employment and increased private sector investment, having an environment for the development of horticulture. In the era of open economy, it has become increasingly necessary that our produce is competitive, both in the domestic market and exports. This demands infusion of technology for an efficient utilization of resources for deriving higher output per unit of inputs with excellent quality of produce.

This would be possible only through deployment of modern hi-tech applications and precision farming methods. The National Agriculture Policy has stipulated the application of these interventions for the holistic development of horticulture. The Planning Commission has also attached great importance to this aspect and had asked the Working Group on Horticulture for Tenth Plan to have detailed deliberations on the issue for drawing out implementable programmes.

Hi-tech horticulture is the deployment of modern technology which is capital intensive, less environment dependent, having capacity to improve the productivity and quality of produce.

Protected Cultivation of Vegetable Crops

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The frontiers of technologies have been constantly expanded in many industries around the world, including the agricultural sector. It is not yet clear how these technologies can become adoptable in developing countries, including, for example, South Asian countries like India. This paper briefly reviews the issues associated withthese three types of frontier technologies. We do so by systematically checkingthe academic articleslisted in Google Scholar, which primarily focus on these technologies in developing countries in Asia. Where appropriate, a few widely-cited overview articles for each technology were also reviewed. The findings generally reveal where performances of these technologiescan be raised potentially, based on the general trends in the literature.

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PDF Green revolution One of the important applications of precision farming is protected cultivation. The posts are purely on contractual basis. PDF Protected cultivation is an emerging technology for raise vegetables, flowers, and others high valued as well as perishable crops. Greenhouse Farming Guide in India; Advantages.

Editors H. The editors have taken utmost care to avoid errors in this publication, however the editors are in no way responsible for the authenticity of data or information given by the contributors.

Precision Farming and Protected Cultivation

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Protected cultivation & precision farming in vegetable crops (Ongoing)

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