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Diesel engine , any internal-combustion engine in which air is compressed to a sufficiently high temperature to ignite diesel fuel injected into the cylinder , where combustion and expansion actuate a piston. It converts the chemical energy stored in the fuel into mechanical energy , which can be used to power freight trucks, large tractors, locomotives, and marine vessels. A limited number of automobiles also are diesel-powered, as are some electric-power generator sets.

The diesel engine is the workhorse in the generator. It burns diesel fuel, to create rotary motion which is used to turn the AC alternator. The AC alternator turns the rotary motion from the engine into electricity, which is used to power the generators load.

What is an Electric Generator and Its Working

This article is for the design, materials, manufacture, testing, and commissioning of packaged stand-by diesel engine generators intended for permanent installation in industrial plants.

Self-contained enclosure shall be provided for the diesel generator set. The enclosure shall be manufactured such that all part are accessible for inspection and minor maintenance without removal of the enclosure or enclosure roof. It shall include the following features:. The enclosure and all other items shall be designed and built by the supplier as an integral part of the entire diesel generator set, and shall perform without overheating in the environment specified.

It shall be constructed of minimum gauge sheet metal, suitably reinforced to reduce vibration in the operating mode. A minimum of four doors are required. The doors shall be hinged so that they can be opened to provide complete access to the equipment inside the enclosure without removing the doors. The side and rear panels shall be completely and simply removable to permit major service access.

Doors shall be lockable. All fasteners shall be corrosion resistant. Batteries shall fit inside the enclosure and alongside the engine batteries under the generator are not acceptable. The unit shall have coolant and oil drains piped to the outside edge of the skid in an accessible location.

Each drain line shall have a valve located near the fluid source. Air Intake louvers shall be sized to provide sufficient airflow for engine combustion, engine cooling and generator cooling. The louvers shall open automatically when the engine receives the start signal and close when the engine stops. They shall also allow manual over-ride. The air intake and exhaust outlet shall be configured such that exhaust gas recirculation to the air intake will not occur under any wind direction.

The V source will be provided by others. Diesel generator set shall not generate noise in access of 85dba at a distance of 1 meter. If the sound pressure level will exceed 85 dba, the vendor shall notify the purchaser and additional cost for modification to ensure the sound pressure does not exceed 90dba at 1 meter. Transport units heavier than 25 kg shall have eyebolts, lugs, or extension pieces clearly identifiable to be used for hoisting.

A separate junction box or boxes shall be provided on the generator enclosure for connections to space heaters, temperature detectors, thermocouples, and humidity detector, if any. Generator control system shall be contained in a single control panel. Instrumentation shall be supplied by generator manufacturer as outlined in this section. Any instruments to be furnished by the generator manufacturer beyond normal generator control requirements. The control panel shall include: a.

Voltmeter 2 percent accuracy and 3 phase switch b. Ammeter 2 percent accuracy and 3 phase switch c. Frequency meter d. Voltage regulator f. Alarm panel equipped with first out feature to indicate the following alarms and shutdowns: i Stator winding temperature s. Duplication of instruments between the generator control panel and the engine local instrument panel shall be mutually agreed upon, driver manufacturer and generator manufacturer. All safety or protective alarms shall be wired fail-safe, utilizing field alarm and shutdown contacts that are closed and energized when the generator system is in its normal operation mode.

Electrical test procedures shall conform to IEEE Visual inspection b. Dimensional checks c. Generator Performance test d. Exciter field current e. Insulation resistance of field and armature f. Measurement of cold resistance of armature and field windings g. Measurement of rotor impedance. Generator phase-sequence and voltage balance i. Short-circuit tests at reduced voltage to determine reactance and time constants.

These tests, or certified test reports on a duplicate generator, shall be required j. Overspeed trip k. Temperature tests l. Dielectric tests and polarization index m. The dielectric tests described in Paragraph 9. Generator rotor shall be statically and dynamically balanced at a minimum of rpm o. Exciter rotor shall be balanced in the same manner as the generator rotor p. Mechanical run of generator and, if applicable, exciter.

The generator shall be mechanically run at rated speed for a minimum of 4 hours. The job or contract non contacting probes shall be installed for the test and used to determine the vibration levels. Supplier shall be expected to prove the compatibility of the probe and test stand readout equipment. The generator shall be run with the generator unexcited, if possible, at percent and percent of normal operating speed. After the unit has stabilized at these conditions, readings shall be recorded for vibration, oil pressure, and temperature for each operating condition.

Load tests including full load test, for 4 hours, with a load bank of adequate capacity v. Overload test w. Functional test of control panel x. Combined operation test y. Governor response. Power System and Equipment Design Calculations. Like this: Like Loading Tags: Electrical Engineering.

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What is a diesel generator? How does it work?

A diesel generator DG also known as diesel genset is the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator often an alternator to generate electrical energy. This is a specific case of engine-generator. A diesel compression-ignition engine is usually designed to run on diesel fuel , but some types are adapted for other liquid fuels or natural gas. Diesel generating sets are used in places without connection to a power grid , or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails, as well as for more complex applications such as peak-lopping, grid support and export to the power grid. Proper sizing of diesel generators is critical to avoid low-load or a shortage of power. Sizing is complicated by the characteristics of modern electronics , specifically non-linear loads. In size ranges around 50 MW and above, an open cycle gas turbine is more efficient at full load than an array of diesel engines, and far more compact, with comparable capital costs; but for regular part-loading, even at these power levels, diesel arrays are sometimes preferred to open cycle gas turbines, due to their superior efficiencies.

Diesel engine

Alternators or synchronous generators can be classified in many ways depending upon their application and design. According to application these machines are classified as-. Automotive type - used in modern automobile. Diesel electric locomotive type - used in diesel electric multiple units.

A diesel generator is machinery that converts the chemical energy in diesel to electrical energy. It does this using a diesel engine and an AC alternator , coupled together. They also normally have a fuel tank, control panel and a radiator.

A dc generator is an electrical machine which converts mechanical energy into direct current electricity. This energy conversion is based on the principle of production of dynamically induced emf. This article outlines basic construction and working of a DC generator.

What are the main component parts of a diesel generator?

Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations. Generators are available in different electrical and physical configurations for use in different applications. In the following sections, we will look at how a generator functions, the main components of a generator, and how a generator operates as a secondary source of electrical power in residential and industrial applications.

This article is for the design, materials, manufacture, testing, and commissioning of packaged stand-by diesel engine generators intended for permanent installation in industrial plants. Self-contained enclosure shall be provided for the diesel generator set. The enclosure shall be manufactured such that all part are accessible for inspection and minor maintenance without removal of the enclosure or enclosure roof.

The electric generator was invented before the correlation between electricity as well as magnetism was discovered. These generators use electrostatic principles to operate with the help of plates, moving belts which are charged electrically as well as disks to carry charge toward an electrode with high potential. Generators use two mechanisms to generate the charge like the triboelectric effect otherwise electrostatic induction. So, it generates low current as well as very high voltage due to the complexity of insulating machines as well as their inefficiency. The power ratings of Electrostatic generators are low so they never utilized for electrical power generation. The practical applications of this generator are to supply power to X-ray Tubes as well as in atomic particle accelerators.

What Is The Working Principle Of Diesel Generator?

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