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Consumer Behaviour Theory Approaches And Models Pdf

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In the context of globalization, neither the study of consumption, nor the study of consumer buying behaviour, can be explained as the mere interaction between a limited number of personal and impersonal or external factors , but as an utterly complex and undoubtedly progressive process. Moreover, what today is often referred to as consumer behaviour research, represents the result of interweaving various and prolonged efforts coming from a wide spanning array of heterogeneous disciplines.

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The different theories on consumer behavior and the relevant research conducted on the understanding of the consumer behavior. In other words, consumer behavior is the study of how the consumers, make purchase decisions and what are the underlying factors that influence such decisions. Theory of Consumer Behavior: There are two main approaches to the of consumer behavior of demand. Four theories stand out as influential for marketers. A consumer who has a balanced ID, Ego and Super Ego exhibits a balanced approach in all their decision pertaining to purchase of products.

Consumer Behavior i About the Tutorial Consumer behavior is about the approach of how people buy and the use merchandise and services. We discuss these two approaches separately. Amit Lariya. ION Chapter 1 provided an overview of the area of research for this study, by identifying, among others, the objectives of the study together with the importance attributed to the study. Consumer Behavior theory of consumer behavior Description of how consumers allocate incomes among different goods and services to maximize their well-being.

consumer behaviour theory pdf

It refers to the actions of the consumers in the marketplace and the underlying motives for those actions. The first approach is the Marginal Utility or Cardinalist Approach. Cardinal Utility Analysis: Human wants are unlimited and they are of different intensity. Although consumer wants in general are insatiable, wants for particular items can be satisfied. In the first case the equilibrium of the consumer may be a corner solution, that is, a situation in which the consumer spends all his income on one commodity. Consumer 69 3.

Consumer Behaviour Theory: How Has It Changed

Marketing in the 21st century is part art and part science, and both sides place a crucial role in successful marketing. Creative expression develops marketing campaigns that catch the eye and capture the imagination, but behind every marketing strategy are theories grounded solidly in psychology, economics, and studies in human behavior. The scientific insights help marketers design campaigns that speak to the fundamental concerns and desires of their audience, greatly deepening the impact of the marketing materials.

This paper discusses about the consumer buying behavior and their decision making process, during consumption. This theoretical research attempts to turn back the pages in literature, to understand the concepts and existing theories in the consumer buying behavior. The base research in consumer behavior lays foundation for quantitative research to analyze the existing theories and new emerging patterns of consumer behavior. This study aims to understand the consumer buying behavior while making their purchase decisions for personal consumption.

Thomas S. Consumer behavior theory tends to be structured mainly from a psychological perspective, and all the major models of consumer behavior incorporate this perspective. This paper will adopt a sociological approach to consumer behavior, and will develop a typology of consumers' behaviors incorporating the concepts of norms, values, and social organizations. Despite the well recognized need for sociological approaches in explaining consumer behavior Ferber, ; Nicosia and Mayer, , there has been only limited application of sociological theories. It might be useful to position sociological research within the field of consumer behavior research in general.

St. Theresa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Critique of the various approaches that have been taken towards the study of Consumer Behaviou. Topics: com. OAI identifier: oai:eprints.

Four Consumer Behavior Theories Every Marketer Should Know

This frenzy can also be seen when the latest gadget hits the shelves, or the newest smartphone goes on sale. Not long ago, lines of readers queued up outside bookstores to get the next Harry Potter. There are consumers who are cost-motivated and will only purchase large items at the annual January sales; and buyers who are conscious about the environment and carefully choose what they buy based on these principles. There are shoppers who will only buy online, others who prefer physical stores and yet others who have ongoing subscriptions for regular purchases. Buying habits can also be impacted by where you live, your age, gender, as well as income. So just how do consumers make these decisions about what they buy, and when, and how?

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What Is Consumer Behaviour Theory

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