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A supply chain includes all the businesses involved in getting a finished product to the market. You might hear the words "upstream" and "downstream" when referring to various stops along the chain. You must first know the particular stops along the way to know exactly what they refer to and the activities that take place at these specific locations along the chain. Supply chain management takes into account suppliers, manufacturing plants, distributors, wholesale warehouses and retail stores. The general objective across the board is to get finished products to the consumer in the most cost-effective manner.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. This paper addresses the synchronization of a supply chain with two different production processes through improving the visibility to downstream plans. Dynamic demands and hard competitive situation make it increasingly necessary for companies in the food supply chain to seek for efficiencies and more responsive modes of operation. In this study it is studied how the different supply chain planning phases can be integrated to support the upstream dynamics of supply chains. Save to Library.

Advances in Sustainable Manufacturing pp Cite as. This paper focuses on a cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment LCA that evaluates the potential environmental impacts of the magnesium Mg front end auto parts over its full life cycle and highlights the impact of the upstream processes along the average supply-chain, auto parts manufacturing and assembly, and the downstream processes following the use stage and end-of-life value chain. Pathways for improving sustainability of magnesium use in automobiles through greening the supply chain processes, technology improvements including the end of life chain are also discussed. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

Upstream or downstream in the value chain?

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Then, the new integrated approach will be used to compare the outsourcing processes for the upstream and downstream supply chain members. Studies of logistics outsourcing reveal the strategic importance of this process and the increasing need for new strategic approach. The design is based on mixed methodology and integrated approach. The fuzzy decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory technique has contributed to the construction of interdependent relationships, development of impact-relationship maps IRMs and identifying ISFs. The fuzzy quality function deployment technique was used to link the strategic objectives, logistics requirements and the ISFs to evaluate and select logistics service providers LSPs strategically. In all, 21 ISFs have been identified: 8 logistics key performance indicators, 7 logistics services and activities and 6 logistics resources and capabilities. The new approach for strategic logistics outsourcing can help firms to perform a better multi-stakeholder multi-criteria strategic outsourcing process.

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The Definitions of "Upstream" and "Downstream" in the Production Process

Show all documents Such as; invoicing and payment electronically. This is considered, in the author's viewpoint, a shortcoming in the software if such processes weren't implemented within it. Since electronic invoicing and payment will save cost of paperwork, meetings between buyers and suppliers, and maybe banking transactions. It has been added, though, in the company's revenues and costs sheet, were savings in banking and bill payments are displayed, which gives indication of having such processes.

Upstream vs. Downstream Oil & Gas Operations: What's the Difference?

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The Definitions of

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Upstream or downstream in the value chain?

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