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Ip Subnetting And Supernetting Pdf

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Hello readers, welcome back to my Networking Interview Questions Blog series. In this blog series, in the last blog, I covered Basic Networking Interview questions and answers.

Subnetting Tricks Subnetting Made Easy with Examples

Hello readers, welcome back to my Networking Interview Questions Blog series. In this blog series, in the last blog, I covered Basic Networking Interview questions and answers. Now, this time I am going to cover questions and answers with explanation on Subnetting and Supernetting.

For me, Subnetting is my favorite topic and I believe anyone who can do basic arithmetic can easily learn Subnetting and score good marks in CCNA as it is one of the simplest topics. The questions are always somewhat confusing but interesting at the same time. Everyone loves technology, and technology heavily relies on Networking. Everybody from a Social media user to an Economist, Doctors to Engineers, Artists to Developers use the internet or some other form of a network for their day to day use.

So the network is everywhere nowadays. But as network size increases, it becomes very complex to manage it and to keep it secure. The performance of the network also decreases as its size increases. So a large network is divided into smaller networks, they are called Subnets, which are easier to manage and they are more secure as well.

As they divide the broadcast domain, network performance also increases. So big organizations, divide their network into Subnets as per their requirements like for branches or departments.

So, now what is Supernetting and where it is used? Supernetting is just opposite to Subnetting, that means adding contiguous Subnets into a single network is called Supernetting. But, for our ease, we divide a big network into Subnets, then why Supernetting is required? The answer is, we never use Supernetting. In fact, Routers use Supernetting to reduce the size of their respective routing tables, which in turn facilitates faster routing performance and reduces the latency of routed traffic.

Hence the other terms used for Supernetting are Route Summarization or Aggregation. Now you have an idea about what is Subnetting and Supernetting. Please note: I have mentioned questions with their respective answers as well as explanations so that everyone gets to know the correct way to do the Subnetting and Supernetting calculations.

Every IP address of any Network or Subnet should have one unique ID to identify the other hosts on the same network or subnet. This Network address is common for all the hosts in the network, hence we cannot assign or configure it to any single node. Every Network or Subnet has one more IP address common for all its host, which is known as Broadcast address.

Broadcast is one to all type of communication. That means this address is used as the destination address in the Packet when any host wants to send a message to all other hosts on the same network. This broadcast address is the same for all the hosts in the network, hence we cannot assign or configure it to any single node. Explanation:] IP Address: After Subnetting, is IP Subnet Mask? As per the above table, it is clear that IP You want to put each of the 6 floors in your building on a different subnet.

What is the range of the last available subnet after doing Subnetting? As per the above table, Last Subnet range is Ans:] D. No Valid IP, as it is broadcast address of network As per the above table, This network has divided into subnets. In one office, you need to configure 10 th valid IP address of 14 th subnet to your router interface.

What will be that IP address? Therefore, Subnetwork Block Size? Hence the 14 th Subnet Address is Ans:] Then focus on the third octet and convert it into the binary.

Here we can see that the first 5 bits left to right are matching in all 4 numbers. Then, for the subnet mask, we add these bits from the third octet to the first two octets which are So your Network bits will be?

The answer, therefore, is Which encompasses the block of networks you need to be summarized. How many bits need to borrow from the host field to provide the correct combination, what will be the subnet mask and how many maximum valid hosts we will have in each subnet? What are the IP addresses available which can you configure to a server in the same network? Explanation: Subnet Mask?

So, as per the above table, the network address for given IP is The last valid IP is assigned to the Router that is Gateway. Hence available IPs are from You went to his system and check its IP configuration and you saw What will be your first step to solve this problem?

Ans:] The IP configured on the Employees system, So firstly that IP needs to change. We cannot configure Network address as well as the Broadcast address to any single node. As Network address is the unique identifier for all the nodes of the same network, which is used by Routers to mention best routes to every destination network in their respective Routing Tables.

And Broadcast Address is used for broadcast communication that is one to all communication, which represents all the nodes in that respective network. So in the above problem, firstly we have change IP for that system and configure it in the range To fulfill these requirements, we can use two combinations of NW bits and Host bits i. Means, both of the requirements are fulfil. Subnet mask You can practice all the questions by just changing the numbers in the questions. Every question has given an answer with an explanation in which I show step by step calculations.

So you can solve any type of question after changing the numbers also, as the steps for calculations are the same. And now, here is one extra bonus for you. I want to share an interesting shortcut with you, for solving any kind of Subnetting examples promptly and without any mistake.

This shortcut is so simple that everyone can easily use it for all types of Subnetting as well as Supernetting examples. So, just go through the below video and you will get an idea for the same. And as you see in the above questions and answers, Subnetting and Supernetting are more engaging topics. Just you have to do some basic calculations and need logical and smart thinking for solving it fast.

With this, I am concluding this blog. Will meet soon with a new part of this blog series which will include questions-answers on Routing and Routing Protocols. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Placement Careers Blog Reach Us. No Valid IP, as it is the network address of network Explanation:] The Configured IP address: All the Best for your Bright future in Networking!!

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Subnetting & Supernetting

As we talked about before, there are two parts in an IP Address. One for them is Network part and the another is Host part. With IP Subnetting , we are adding one more part. From the Host part, we borrow some bits and we will use this part for Subnet. In this lesson, we will learn Subnetting with Subnetting Examples. As a basic definion, Subnetting is dividing the network into smaller network groups and by doing this, using the IP Address Block more efficient.

A supernetwork , or supernet , is an Internet Protocol IP network that is formed by combination of multiple networks or subnets into a larger network. The new routing prefix for the combined network represents the constituent networks in a single routing table entry. The process of forming a supernet is called supernetting , prefix aggregation , route aggregation , or route summarization. Supernetting within the Internet serves as a strategy to avoid topological fragmentation of the IP address space by using a hierarchical allocation system that delegates control of segments of address space to regional network service providers. The benefits of supernetting are conservation of address space and efficiencies gained in routers in terms of memory storage of route information and processing overhead when matching routes. Supernetting, however, can introduce interoperability issues and other risks. In Internet networking terminology, a supernet is a block of contiguous subnetworks addressed as a single subnet from the perspective of the larger network.

Subnet Address & Mask. →Host IP address: →Class B - network mask: →Subnet Mask. ⇨ Longer than natural class mask; Length.

Lecture 10. Subnetting & Supernetting

Example 8 A supernet has a first ad. Beginning Addresses o The beginning. Example 10 Which of the following c.

Subnetting tricks explained in this tutorial not only make Subnetting easier but also allow you to answer any Subnetting related question in less than a minute. Learn Subnetting with examples in easy language. Subnetting is one of the most complex and highly tested topics in any Cisco entry level exam and interview.

Lecture Recommend Documents. Classless Addressing. First address is

IP Subnetting and Subnetting Examples

Finding address type, network ID and broadcast ID

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