architectural design of multi agent systems technologies and techniques pdf

Architectural Design Of Multi Agent Systems Technologies And Techniques Pdf

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Engineering multi-agent systems with aspects and patterns.

Given the importance of the follow-up of chronic heart failure CHF patients to reduce common causes of re-admission and deterioration of their status that lead to imposing spiritual and physical costs on patients and society, modern technology tools should be used to the best advantage. The aim of this article is to explain key points which should be considered in designing an appropriate multi-agent system to improve CHF management.

A multi-agent system MAS or "self-organized system" is a computerized system composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents. Despite considerable overlap, a multi-agent system is not always the same as an agent-based model ABM. The goal of an ABM is to search for explanatory insight into the collective behavior of agents which don't necessarily need to be "intelligent" obeying simple rules, typically in natural systems, rather than in solving specific practical or engineering problems. Multi-agent systems consist of agents and their environment. Typically multi-agent systems research refers to software agents.

A new approach of designing Multi-Agent Systems

This volume highlights new trends and challenges in research on agents and the new digital and knowledge economy, and includes 23 papers classified into the following categories: business process management, agent-based modeling and simulation, and anthropic-oriented computing. Digital technologies can free, shift and multiply choices, and often intrude on the territory of other industries by providing new ways of conducting business operations and creating value for customers and companies. The topics covered in this volume include software agents, multi-agent systems, agent modeling, mobile and cloud computing, big data analysis, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, social systems, computer embedded systems and nature inspired manufacturing, etc. The results presented here will be of theoretical and practical value to researchers and industrial practitioners working in the fields of artificial intelligence, collective computational intelligence, innovative business models, the new digital and knowledge economy and, in particular, agent and multi-agent systems, technologies, tools and applications. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Agent technology is a software paradigm that permits to implement large and complex distributed applications. In order to assist analyzing, conception and development or implementation phases of multi-agent systems, we've tried to present a practical application of a generic and scalable method of a MAS with a component-oriented architecture and agent-based approach that allows MDA to generate source code from a given model. View PDF on arXiv.

Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. International Journal of Intelligent Information Systems. In complex, open, and heterogeneous environments, agents must be able to reorganize towards the most appropriate organizations to adapt unpredictable environment changes within Multi-Agent Systems MAS. Types of reorganization can be seen from two different levels.

Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technology and Applications

Search this site. Architectural Design of Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Techniques: Technologies and Techniques by Lin, Hong Synopsis: Agent-oriented design has become on of the most active areas in the field of software engineering. Although great advances have been made in the study of the architectural design of agent systems, the complexity and multi-disciplinary approaches of this constantly growing field are currently of a premature nature compared to where they should be. Architectural Design of Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Techniques provides a compilation of advanced research results focusing on architecture and modeling issues of multi-agent systems. This study serves as a reference for further research on system models, architectural design languages, formal methods and reasoning, module interface design, and design issues. Architectural Design of Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Techniques presents high-level issues such as: modeling agent systems in cognitive sciences, knowledge management, in-depth exposure of agent theory, and state-of-the-art research on design quality of agent systems.

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Agent and multiagent system technology originates from artificial intelligence. The continuous and autonomous nature of agents and the communication among these agents also make them an excellent candidate for distributed computing and even general software applications. Agent based software engineering advocates using the agent technology for typical software development.

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MASINA is based on MAS-CommonKADS; we use the models presented in this methodology to propose some extensions, modifications and substitutions allowing to describe the intelligent characteristics of an agent or group of agents, to use intelligent techniques for the accomplishment of tasks e. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

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