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Can you elaborate on the kinds of research you did, and where, when, etc.? The book was written in about 2 weeks, due to the time constraints I was under trying to satisfy my students in the course of the same name that I taught. As for researching it, it is the fruit of many years of patristic study. It would be difficult for me to say, since I started reading the fathers way back in college. So I suppose it represents about 20 years of research and thought.

God, History and Dialectic

Toronto: University of Toronto Press, This work aims to explain, extend, complement, and employ the philosophical and theological writings of Bernard Lonergan. The University of Toronto Press has recently begun publishing Lonergan's Collected Works, a series projected to 22 volumes; Doran's book is the first in a related series of monographs planned by the same publisher. The book consists of an introduction plus 21 chapters, with the chapters grouped into five main sections: 1 Basic Terms and Relations; 2 Personal Values and the Dialectic of the Subject; 3 Social Values and the Dialectic of Community; 4 Cultural Values and the Dialectic of Culture; and 5 Hermeneutics and the Ontology of Meaning. Doran's fundamental argument is that careful phenomenological analysis brings to light a series of utterly basic and pre-voluntary structural tensions in the concrete life processes of human individuals in community. These tensions may be characterized generically as the resultants of two contrasting human tendencies, the tendency toward limitation and the tendency toward transcendence. At the level of the individual person as such, at the level of the culture, and at the level of the society, these structural tensions constitute occasions of lifeshaping decision for human agents, occasions of unavoidable choice among what in fact are alternative basic personal, cultural, and social values.

Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. How does the preacher know what God might say now based upon the many things God said then? Preachers and theologians throughout Christian history have grappled with Scripture's diverse emphases alongside the urgent task of declaring the authoritative Word of God in the contemporary pulpit. Aaron Edwards offers a new way of engaging with this problem, by exploring the theological relationship between biblical dialectics and heraldic proclamation. Edwards highlights the theological necessity of dialectical variety, without forfeiting assertiveness in the prophetic moment of preaching.

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The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review

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An Examination of Dialectic. Etymology: Middle English dialetik, from Anglo-French dialetiqe, from Latin dialectica, from Greek dialektikE , from Old French dialetique , from feminine of dialektikos of conversation, from dialektos. Presocratic Dialectic. Heraclitus lived in the then flourishing Ionian Greek city of Ephesus , located on the western coast of present-day Turkey. Heraclitus flourished around B.

‘I Interact Therefore I Am’: The Self as a Historical Product of Dialectical Attunement

Doran draws extensively on the thought of Bernard Lonergan, and the work develops Lonergan's methodological insights. Robert M. EN English Deutsch.

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Interview: Dr. Joseph P. Farrell - God, History, & Dialectic

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A Theology of Preaching and Dialectic

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    To this end we draw on dialectics and Bayesian accounts of cognition.

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    He is considered one of the fundamental figures of modern Western philosophy , with his influence extending to the entire range of contemporary philosophical issues, from aesthetics to ontology to politics , both in the analytic and continental tradition.

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