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Genetic interaction between hoxb-5 and hoxb-6 is revealed by nonallelic noncomplementation.

Transposable elements TEs allow rewiring of regulatory networks, and the recent amplification of the ISX element dispersed 77 functional but suboptimal binding sites for the dosage compensation complex to a newly formed X chromosome in Drosophila. Here we identify two linked refining mutations within ISX that interact epistatically to increase binding affinity to the dosage compensation complex. These results describe a novel route by which fully functional regulatory elements can arise rapidly from TEs and implicate non-allelic gene conversion as having an important role in accelerating the evolutionary fine-tuning of regulatory networks. Mutations change genes and provide the raw material for evolution. Genes are sections of DNA that contain the instructions for making proteins or other molecules, and so determine the physical characteristics of each organism.

Mutations in many genes can result in a similar phenotype. Finding a number of mutants with the same phenotype tells you little about how many genes you are dealing with, and how mutable those genes are until you can assign those mutations to genetic loci. The genetic assay for gene assignment is called the complementation test. The simplicity and robustness of this test makes it a fundamental genetic tool for gene assignment. However, there are occasional unexpected outcomes from this test that bear explanation. This chapter reviews the complementation test and its various outcomes, highlighting relatively rare but nonetheless interesting exceptions such as intragenic complementation and non-allelic non-complementation.

Non-allelic interaction in continuous variation of randomly breeding populations

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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. The consequences are considered of digenic interactions for the variances and covariances commonly estimated from randomly breeding populations. The interaction affects the constitutions of D R and H R as well as introducing new quadratic terms by which, in principle, its presence can be detected.

To determine the roles of these genes during development, we generated mice with a targeted disruption in each gene. Three phenotypes affecting brachiocervicothoracic structures were found in the mutant mice. First, hoxb homozygotes have a rostral shift of the shoulder girdle, analogous to what is seen in the human Sprengel anomaly. This suggests a role for hoxb-5 in specifying the position of limbs along the anteroposterior axis of the vertebrate body. Second, hoxb homozygotes frequently have a missing first rib and a bifid second rib. The third phenotype, an anteriorizing homeotic transformation of the cervicothoracic vertebrae from C6 through T1, is common to both hoxb and hoxb homozygotes. By this classical genetic complementation test, these two mutations appear as alleles of the same gene.


Traits associated with meat performance are characterized by a complex inheritance model, including the effects of non-allelic interactions. The aim of this study was to estimate the significance of non-allelic interactions between pairs of loci in each of two alternative groups based on four important performance traits of ducks: body weight BW , carcass yield calculated as the ratio of carcass weight to body weight CY , breast and leg muscle yield as a fraction of carcass weight BL-CW , and skin weight and abdominal fat, again as a fraction of carcass weight SF-CW. In total, individuals were recorded.

Non-allelic interaction in continuous variation of randomly breeding populations

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    To identify factors controlling the fertility segregation, we used RFLP markers covering all 12 rice chromosomes to investigate the association of spikelet fertility and marker segregation.

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