structure and function of macromolecules pdf

Structure And Function Of Macromolecules Pdf

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Structure and function

Students should be able to explain and apply core concepts of macromolecular structure and function, including the nature of biological macromolecules, their interaction with water, the relationship between structure and function, and frequently encountered mechanisms for regulating their function. The learning goals below are categorized as introductory A , intermediate B and upper C. Macromolecules are made up of basic molecular units. They include the proteins polymers of amino acids , nucleic acids polymers of nucleotides , carbohydrates polymers of sugars and lipids with a variety of modular constituents. These processes may involve multi-protein complexes e.


Phytochemical Methods pp Cite as. The macromolecules of plants are distinguished from all other constituents by their high molecular weight. This may vary from 10, to over 1,,, whereas in other plant metabolites the molecular weight is rarely above 1, Chemical characterization in the first instance therefore depends on identifying these smaller units. Proteins, for example, are long chains of amino acids up to twenty different ones joined together through peptide —CO—NH— links.

NCBI Bookshelf. Opportunities in Biology. All biological functions depend on events that occur at the molecular level. These events are directed, modulated, or detected by complex biological machines, which are themselves large molecules or clusters of molecules. Included are proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and complexes of them. Many areas of biological science focus on the signals detected by these machines or the output from these machines. The field of structural biology is concerned with the properties and behavior of the machines themselves.

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The macromolecules in three of the four classes of life's or- ganic compounds—​carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids—are chain-like molecules called.

Chapter 05 - The Structure and Function of Macromolecules

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Introduction to macromolecules

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    Macromolecules – large biological molecules. ▫ Polymer – long molecule consisting of many similar building block linked by covalent bonds. ▫ Monomer.

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