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Analysis of DNA microarray expression data.

Gene Therapy - Developments and Future Perspectives. Invention of microarray technology in the early s revolutionized the genomic research, where it was exploited for global gene expression profiling through screening the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously Watson et al. Northern blotting and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR which were the traditional techniques for monitoring changes in mRNA levels were replaced with high density arrays, which proved to impart comprehensive data and to be better in the course of time. Nowadays, microarrays are used for genotyping, large scale single nucleotide polymorphism analysis, comparative genomic hybridizations, identification of new genes, establishing genetic networks and as a more routine function, gene expression profiling Bednar, Providing a unique tool for the determination of gene expression at transcriptomic level, it confers simultaneous measurement of large fractions of the genome which can facilitates the recognition of specific gene expression patterns associated with a certain disease or a specific pharmaceutical. And presumably, such toxicity predication may promise notable information about each individual resulting in unique patterns of gene expression that, in turn, exhibit individual specific responses to a particular toxic substance. Microarray methodology has also been applied for analysis of proteins and metabolites, which are the principle controllers of gene expression, to verify the results at the molecular level.

ISBN: ; pp. Metrics details. Microarray experiments have become standard methodology for measuring the expression levels of many genes across a range of cell lines, tissues or other organic material. The decidedly non-standard aspect of such experiments is the subsequent data analysis: the small number of noisy microarrays relative to the large number of genes presents a challenge to biologists using this technology. This book aims to aid the biologist in solving some of these problems by finding common ground in the methodologies that have been suggested thus far. It largely achieves this aim. Like several other books about the analysis of microarray data, it is written by a collection of authors.

Design and Analysis of DNA Microarray Investigations

The use of DNA microarrays is becoming the method of choice for assaying gene expression, particularly as costs and complexity are being reduced as the technology becomes more widespread and better standardized. A DNA array is nothing but a collection of probes fixed on a solid support. The probes can be PCR products of ORFs or short intragenic oligonucleotides deposited or synthesized in situ by photolithographic methods. To date, sequencing projects for fungal genomes have yielded 10 complete genomes and 21 whole shotgun sequences, including Candida albicans strain SC Sequencing of the C. The use of microarray or DNA chip techniques for Candida research has started recently but the number of studies using this technology is increasing rapidly, in order to address important remaining questions about pathogenesis, cell biology, antifungal susceptibility, and diagnosis.

The probe percent bound value, calculated using multi-state equilibrium models of solution hybridization, is shown to be useful in understanding the hybridization behavior of microarray probes having 50 nucleotides, with and without mismatches. These longer oligonucleotides are in widespread use on microarrays, but there are few controlled studies of their interactions with mismatched targets compared to mer based platforms. Over a range of target concentrations it was possible to discriminate binding to perfect matches and mismatches, and the type of mismatch could be predicted accurately in the concentration midrange pM to pM using solution hybridization modeling methods. These results have implications for microarray design, optimization and analysis methods. Our results highlight the importance of incorporating biophysical factors in both the design and the analysis of microarrays.

This book is targeted to biologists with limited statistical background and to statisticians and computer scientists interested in being effective collaborators on multi-disciplinary DNA microarray projects. State-of-the-art analysis methods are presented with minimal mathematical notation and a focus on concepts. This book is unique because it is authored by statisticians at the National Cancer Institute who are actively involved in the application of microarray technology. Many laboratories are not equipped to effectively design and analyze studies that take advantage of the promise of microarrays. Many of the software packages available to biologists were developed without involvement of statisticians experienced in such studies and contain tools that may not be optimal for particular applications. This book provides a sound preparation for designing microarray studies that have clear objectives, and for selecting analysis tools and strategies that provide clear and valid answers. The book offers an in depth understanding of the design and analysis of experiments utilizing microarrays and should benefit scientists regardless of what software packages they prefer.

Design and Analysis of DNA Microarray Investigations Digitally watermarked, DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices.

Impacts of DNA Microarray Technology in Gene Therapy

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Simon , R. This book is targeted to biologists with limited statistical background and to statisticians and computer scientists interested in being effective collaborators on multi-disciplinary DNA microarray projects. State-of-the-art analysis methods are presented with minimal mathematical notation and a focus on concepts.

DNA microarrays represent a technological intersection between biology and computers that enables gene expression analysis in human tissues on a genome -wide scale. This application can be expected to prove extremely valuable for the study of the genetic basis of complex diseases. Despite the enormous promise of this revolutionary technology, there are several issues and possible pitfalls that may undermine the authority of the microarray platform. We discuss some of the conceptual, practical, statistical, and logistical issues surrounding the use of microarrays for gene expression profiling. These issues include the imprecise definition of normal in expression comparisons; the cellular and subcellular heterogeneity of the tissues being studied; the difficulty in establishing the statistically valid comparability of arrays; the logistical logjam in analysis, presentation, and archiving of the vast quantities of data generated; and the need for confirmational studies that address the functional relevance of findings.

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Design and Analysis of DNA Microarray Investigations. Authors; (view Download book PDF. Chapters Table of PDF · DNA Microarray Technology. Pages

1. Introduction

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