transient over voltages in electrical distribution system and suppression techniques pdf

Transient Over Voltages In Electrical Distribution System And Suppression Techniques Pdf

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Overvoltage protection. Surge Protection Devices SPD are used for electric power supply networks [1] , telephone networks, and communication and automatic control buses. This device is connected in parallel on the power supply circuit of the loads that it has to protect see Fig.

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Large transient voltages caused by lightning strikes, electrostatic discharge, and other electromagnetic phenomenon can damage communications ports. To ensure that these data ports can survive in their final installation environments, they must meet certain electromagnetic compatibility EMC regulations. These requirements include three main transient immunity standards: electrostatic discharge, electrical fast transients, and surge. Many EMC problems are not simple or obvious, so they must be considered at the start of the product design. Leaving these considerations to the end of the design cycle can lead to overruns in engineering budget and schedule. Analog Devices, Inc.

The denoising and detection of transient disturbances are two important subjects for power quality monitoring and analysis. To effectively denoise and detect transient disturbances under noisy conditions, an improved iterative adaptive kernel regression method is proposed in this paper. The proposed method has advantages in that it does not need to estimate the noise variance or a filter threshold, and has both denoising and detection capabilities for transient disturbances. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method provides excellent denoising effects, which can not only suppress noise effectively but also preserve disturbance features of sudden change points well. Additionally, it provides good detection and location performance for single and combined transient disturbances, even under strong noise conditions. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is further verified by using real disturbance data.

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The Surge Protection Device (SPD)

This revised version is intended to help you improve the installation and protection of electronic control devices so they perform properly and are less likely to be damaged by electrical power problems. Business and industry is more dependent than ever on sophisticated electronics. Modern electronic control devices are frequently the most cost effective way to achieve real improvement in the performance of production machines and processes. Devices such as Computer Numerical Controls CNC , Programmable Logic Controllers PLC , as well as the various programmable motion controllers currently available for robotics applications offer unprecedented functionality and power, and are available at attractive prices. Unfortunately, many owners who make the decision to retrofit these control devices do not achieve the full benefit of the upgrade.

Introduction Surge protective devices spds or transient voltage surge suppressors TVSS are used to reduce the impact of overvoltage transients on the electrical distribution networks found in various industries. Of course, the efficacy of these devices will affect the overall protection of the distribution network; how these devices are connected can have a large impact on the overall protection provided by an SPD. Different types of configurations are used to connect SPDs to the electrical distribution network. The first is a parallel connection, which is commonly referred to as a one-port configuration. The second type is a series connection, which is referred to as a two-port configuration. Transient Parameters Overvoltage transients are generated by a number of sources. These include natural events, such as lightning and electrostatic charge buildup, and man-made sources including utility switching surges, the opening of overcurrent protective devices, or the energizing or collapse of motor loads.

When the voltage in a circuit or part of it is raised above its upper design limit, this is known as overvoltage. The conditions may be hazardous. Depending on its duration, the overvoltage event can be transient —a voltage spike —or permanent, leading to a power surge. Electronic and electrical devices are designed to operate at a certain maximum supply voltage, and considerable damage can be caused by voltage that is higher than that for which the devices are rated. For example, an electric light bulb has a wire in it that at the given rated voltage will carry a current just large enough for the wire to get very hot giving off light and heat , but not hot enough for it to melt. The amount of current in a circuit depends on the voltage supplied: if the voltage is too high, then the wire may melt and the light bulb would have "burned out real time".

transformers on the power supply system of Durgapur Steel Plant evoked this study. transient over-voltages which can result in voltage stresses with above normal College of Engineering and Technology, Kolkata - , West Bengal,. India (e-mail: (d) R-C suppression branches connected as close as possible.


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The Surge Protection Device (SPD)

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Safeguard Your RS-485 Communication Networks from Harmful EMC Events
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