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Access options available:. Jean-Paul Sartre and the Jewish Question. Lincoln and London: U of Nebraska P,

Jean-Paul Sartre (1905–1980)

Philosopher, novelist, playwright, and polemicist, Jean-Paul Sartre is thought to have been the central figure in post-war European culture and political thinking. His essay is a genuine contribution to contemporary thought; it will be read and reread in years to come. Find books coming soon in Sign in. Kendi and Keisha N. Read An Excerpt. Category: Nonfiction.

Armand L. The study is based upon a purposive sample of Mormons in the San Francisco Bay Area, who are compared to a larger sample of Catholics and Protestants in the same area, studied by Charles Y. The Mormon study used a questionnaire and a theoretical model which were very similar to those of Glock and Stark. The results of the study showed Mormons less likely than any of the other denominations to hold secular anti-Jewish notions, such as that Jews cheat in business or are disloyal and unpatriotic. Various sub-categories of Mormons in the sample were studied, with no resulting change in the basic finding, which would seem to have important generalizable implications for the secular functions of theological indoctrination. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Paul R. This essay seeks to delineate the existential situation of the modern Jew through a critical but appreciative analysi of Sartre's Anti-Semite and Jew. Following Sartre, it is argued that the Jews of modernity, especially in the Diaspora, are characterized by conflicting fidelities-universalism and particularism—which indelibly shape their basic sensibilities. Following a discussion of the nature of the modern Jew's particularity and universalism, the thesis is advanced that an affirmation of either pole of the conflict to the exclusion of the other would constitute an existentially inauthentic resolution of the conflict. Various strategies—all in my view inauthentic—adopted by the modern Jew to reconcile his universalism and particularism are then discussed.

Anti-Semite and Jew

We hated them because they were terrible landlords, and did not take care of the building. A coat of paint, a broken window, a stopped sink, a stopped toilet, a sagging floor, a broken ceiling, a dangerous stairwell, the question of garbage disposal, the question of heat and cold, of roaches and rats--all questions of life and death for the poor, and especially for those with children--we had to cope with all of these as best we could. Our parents were lashed to futureless jobs, in order to pay the outrageous rent. We knew that the landlord treated us this way only because we were colored, and he knew that we could not move out. The grocer was a Jew, and being in debt to him was very much like being in debt to the company store. The butcher was a Jew and, yes, we certainly paid more for bad cuts of meat than other New York citizens, and we very often carried insults home, along with the meat.

When Jews Become anti-Semites: Why Reading Sartre in 2020 Is More Relevant Than Ever

Many people believe that anti-Semitism is such a basic force that there is no point in opposing it. The saying that an anti-Semite is someone who hates Jews more than absolutely necessary — attributed to British Jewish philosopher Isaiah Berlin — reflects the idea that a neutral attitude toward Jews belies common sense. Anti-Semitism remains a vital force in Jewish identity even after the establishment of the Jewish state. Its importance is proved by the enthusiasm with which Israel, even today, searches for hidden cells of anti-Semitism; for example, in student groups in godforsaken towns in the United States.

Sol sits on a sidewalk bench and waits patiently for nearly half an hour, and then Abe reappears. Who are they trying to convert? Despite the variety, there is one issue that runs through all the contributions. This leads us to the next point the paradox will have to wait a bit : no matter how she feels about her religion, kinship, culture, or whatever it is that constitutes her Jewish identity, the individual Jew is not allowed to forget that others perceive her as having that identity, portrayed with the derogatory traits we all know too well.

Sartre constructs his landmark postwar analysis of anti-Semitism around four feature characters: the anti-Semite, the democrat, the authentic Jew, and the inauthentic Jew. He presents their interactions as a kind of hypothetical drama. Sartre first explains that the anti-Semite character represents the most reactionary tendencies of a French cultural nationalist. He hates modernity and sees the Jew as the representative of all that is new and mysterious within society.

This particular and original standpoint sheds new light on the different meanings and political functions of the concept of antisemitism in a political and historical context marked by the post-modern concepts of multi-ethnicity and multiculturalism. EN English Deutsch. Your documents are now available to view.

Anti semite and jew essay for thesis example of essay

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