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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biotechnology In Agriculture Pdf

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Before moving ahead, let me tell you what is Biotechnology. Difference between Traditional Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Should we Embrace Biotechnology in Agriculture agritech? Or should we risk it? Biotechnology looks into the processes of nature in plants, living beings and organisms, only to implement scientifically proven methods to develop new maybe better products out of them. When you go onto applying these scientific techniques in the field of agriculture, this is known as Agricultural Biotechnology.

Biotechnology ranges from brewing beer to genetically engineering crops to making enzymes into cleaning products. Wherever science manipulates nature for human ends, biotechnology is there. Its benefits are considerable, but so are the negatives of biotechnology. Breeding plants and animals and using yeast to make bread are ancient forms of biotechnology. Newer versions involving genetic manipulation raise more questions for many people.

The Disadvantages of Biotechnological Products

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Never think for a minute that we are going to build permanent peace in this world on empty stomachs and human misery. In his address to the crowd assembled for the occasion, Dr. Borlaug did not reflect on his life accomplishments. Instead he issued an impassioned challenge for the future. Arguing eloquently that peace will not be achieved until we feed the world, he called on agricultural scientists to pursue advances in biotechnology vigorously to enable humanity to realize this fundamental goal in the twenty-first century Borlaug,

Potential of 'superweeds'.

Pros and Cons of Applying Biotechnology in Agriculture

Biotechnology is the controlled manipulation of biological systems, including living cells or cellular components, for the processing or manufacturing of various products useful to humans. Biologists apply not only biological methods but also physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering in order to learn about organisms and to develop techniques for the manipulation of biological systems. While biotechnology provides an expansive advantage for humans and the environment, there are also a number of potential disadvantages to consider.

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We are often inspired by nature, from art and literature to engineering and medicine. The science of biotechnology also looks up to processes in nature to transform living systems and organisms and develop new perhaps better products out of them. For centuries, farmers manipulated plants and animals through selective breeding in order to create and enhance desired traits. As the science of plant breeding was further developed, the 20th century saw a big change as we were able to more quickly pick out traits such as increased yield, pest resistance, drought resistance, and herbicide resistance.

Authors : Gabrielle J. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the recent scientific developments that underpin modern biotechnology and to discuss the potential risks and benefits when these are applied to agricultural crops. This introductory paper is intended for a general audience who are not specialists in the area but who are interested in participating in the current debate about the future of genetically modified crops. This debate is particularly timely with the forthcoming discussion of a new round of international trade talks in Seattle in December where international trade in genetically modified organisms GMOs will be an issue.

Positive Impact

As you may already know, biotechnology is used to manipulate and control the biological systems to manufacture various products that are useful to humans. Biotechnology can be helpful, but at the same time, it can be dangerous as well. Therefore, it is important to use it within control. Biotechnology is known for doing so many good things for this world. But besides doing good, there are so many other disadvantages which are associated with the contribution of this technology on society.

Items in TSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Publisher: Universidad de Oriente Press. Abstract summary : At the present, we are in the "Biotechnological Era" based on the molecular genetics. It has already given spectacular initial successes and short term big innovations are expected, with huge commercial repercussions. The biotechnology is all technological application that uses biological systems and alive organisms or its derivates for the creation or modification of products or processes for specific uses. The genetic engineering has allowed to identify and to isolate specific genes of the DNA in the donating organism by means of restriction enzymes that act as "chemical scissor", to transfer the isolated gene of the DNA of receiving organism by means of enzymes, achieving that receiving organism decodes the new information and produces a new protein that will allow it to acquire a new trait or feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Biotechnology in Agriculture

When you go onto applying these scientific techniques in the field of agriculture, this is known as Agricultural Biotechnology. These terms are newly assigned to the process since the practice of genetic modifications has been around for centuries since cross-breeding always results in a genetically modified offspring which is genetically modified in contrast to the parents. Due to biotechnology, plants produce ability in their selves against drought stress.

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