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In a stratified random and representative sample of to year-old Norwegian girls and boys, depressive symptoms were assessed by means of the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire MFQ. Convergent and discriminative validity were also assessed. The mean total MFQ score for the whole sample was The results showed a significant sex by age interaction effect in that girls increased their mean total MFQ sum score by age while the boys' scores decreased slightly.

The Arabic Mood and Feelings Questionnaire: Psychometrics and Validity in a Clinical Sample

Costello in Codings reflect whether the phrase was descriptive of the subject most of the time, sometimes, or not at all in the past two weeks. Please be aware that there are no prescribed cut points for any version the MFQ. For additional information about setting a cut point, please read the Message from the Author. The MFQ has been translated into the following languages.

Trends Psychiatry Psychother. ISSN Major depressive disorder MDD is prevalent among young people, with a high incidence during adolescence. It is, therefore, important to have reliable instruments to capture the construct of depression in this population. The objective of the present work is to describe the process of translation and cultural adaptation of the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire MFQ — Long Version, into Brazilian Portuguese. We followed the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research ISPOR guidelines for translation and cultural adaptation, including the steps of preparation, forward translation, reconciliation, back-translation, back-translation review, harmonization, cognitive debriefing, review of cognitive debriefing results and finalization, proofreading and final report. Cognitive debriefing was conducted in a sample of adolescent patients and their respective caregivers at mental health clinics affiliated with the Brazilian public health system.

It was developed by Adrian Angold and Elizabeth J. Costello in , and validity data were gathered as part of the Great Smokey Mountain epidemiological study in Western North Carolina. The subject is asked to indicate how much each statement applies to their recent experiences. The Mood and Feelings Questionnaire has six versions, short 13 item and long 33 item forms of each of the following: a youth self-report, a version that a parent would complete, and a self-report version for adults. The MFQ has several tests, one short and one long, with the short questionnaire including 13 questions and the long questionnaire consisting of 33 questions. Scoring of the MFQ works by summing the point values allocated to each question.

Mood and Feelings Questionnaire (MFQ)

Peer-reviewed studies have found the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire to be a reliable and valid measure of depression in children in both clinical and non-clinical samples Burleson Daviss et al. Please check how much you have felt or acted this way in the past two weeks. All questionnaires can be found here. Seventy-eight parents and 71 twins, who had completed the MFQ, were interviewed separately using a semistructured diagnostic interview, the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Assessment. Costello, E.

To evaluate screening efficiency and suggest cut-offs for parent and child Mood and Feelings Questionnaire MFQ and the short version SMFQ in unselected help seeking child- and adolescent psychiatric outpatients for subgroups of 6—12 versus 13—17 year olds and boys versus girls. A depressive disorder was confirmed in 59 Depression in children below age 13 could not be discriminated by MFQ or SMFQ whether filled in by child and mostly also when filled in by parent. MFQ and SMFQ can, with gender-based cut-offs, be used for screening in clinical populations of adolescents but not in children. SMFQ is sufficient for screening.

Unless otherwise stated, CORC is not the developer or copyright holder of these measures. Costello in Angold et al. The MFQ consists of a series of 33 descriptive phrases regarding how the subject has been feeling or acting recently. It is a screening tool for depression in children and young people aged 6 to The authors ask that they are cited in any published work. The MFQ exists in six versions: child self-report, parent-report and adult self-report, with each questionnaire available in a long and short version 33 or 13 questions. All questionnaires can be found here.

Moods and Feelings Questionnaire (). This form is about how you might have been feeling or acted recently. Please check how much you have felt or acted.

The Mood and Feelings Questionnaire

The Mood and Feelings Questionnaire measures depressive symptoms in children and young adults. The questionnaires consist of a series of descriptive phrases regarding how the subject has been feeling or acting recently. Responses reflect whether the phrase was descriptive of the subject most of the time, sometimes or not at all in the past two weeks. Angold, A.

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